Telly Award to U.S. Money Reserve Reinforces Claims by George Soros

In an award distribution event, which is mainly dedicated to the Media, it is interesting to find that U.S. Money Reserve has been hailed as a Bronze winner, in one of the categories. The prestigious Telly Awards honors the best work in the media industry, but it may seem strange to dedicate U.S. Money Reserve, distributor of government issued precious metals, nominated as a winner.

Why U.S. Money Reserve is Nominated?

Irrespective of the anomaly, it is understandable that U.S. Money Reserve is nominated as an institution that has educated the public regarding investment in precious metals by using media channels, effectively. As such, the award was given in a special category named after the current chairman of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl. Titled, “Philip Diehl IRA”, the IRA has been dubbed as a Gold Standard among its investment peers due to the highly successful media publicity it gained. Learn more about US Money Reserve:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-featured-on-epns-enterprise-radio-300213820.html

Perhaps, the instrumental figure behind the successful marketing and advertising of U.S. Money Reserve is none other than its chairman, Philip Diehl. The chairman has been featured by almost every prominent U.S. media channel dedicating his time and energy in educating the public on the benefits of investing in savings accounts, particularly in precious metals.

A veteran with 30 years of experience in managing gold, silver and exclusive coins, he recently featured extensively in the TV show, Mornings with Maria. During such appearances, he has provided useful tips for potential investors who wish to invest in gold and other currencies. According to Philip, the main objective of using media coverage to gain publicity is to educate people that Gold and other IRA saving accounts related to precious metals are one of the safest investment instruments in a world full of unexpected economic events.

Regarding the nomination of U.S. Money Reserve at Telly Awards, it must be noted that these awards are considered to be the most prestigious offerings in the media industry. As an international event, Telly Awards receives thousands of entries from all over the world. For instance, this year, there were 12,000 entries from almost every prestigious media organization in the world.

Relationship with George Soros

Still, what is even more interesting are the claims made by Philip Diehl, who agrees with the world-famous precious-metal investor, George Soros, that it is the best time to invest in Gold because the World is likely to experience a recession. In a recent interview with media channels including Fox and Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Philip reiterated his claim that precious metals are the best investment in the coming future to safeguard personal financial interest.

Investors are taking notice because his claims coincide with the recent high-profile investments of George Soros in companies related to precious metal mining. Considering that George Soros has already benefited by predicting recessions, the existing award of U.S. Money Reserve is a potential predicament.

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Pittsburgh Executive Susan McGalla on the Glass Ceiling

Despite the fact that women hold a very small percentage of C-level positions in top companies, some women in business continue to strive for an end to the “glass ceiling.” Susan McGalla’s career is a case study in how to go about this. The Pittsburgh business icon was raised by a football coach dad who was also rearing her two brothers, McGalla started her career at American Eagle Outfitter, quickly rising through the ranks at the apparel company to become Chief Merchandising Officer. She later started up her own consulting company and is now a strategic planner for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, and earned an undergraduate degree in Business from Mount Union College. Her husband, Stephen McGalla, is a wealth manager. She attributes her success in business to being comfortable with both men and women in the workplace. According to McGalla, when she first started at American Eagle, there were no women in top leadership positions within the corporate structure. She believes she had a positive effect on the company’s culture and ushered in a new tide of opportunity for women at the company.

In her consulting business, she draws on her wealth of experience in the retail world to help give financiers real-world context to their decision-making. For McGalla, the key to her success has been not to go out and consciously try to break the glass ceiling, but rather to work hard and believe in her skills and professional acumen.

The Investment Might of James Dondero

In the world of business, very few words hold the significance of the word investing. Due to recent economic downturns, investing has captured the interest of millions of people. However, one should focus on the downsides of investing more seriously. Furthermore, investing has existed for as long as human beings started to walk upright. Therefore, it remains ingrained in humankind’s DNA. With that being said, James Dondero remains a natural born investor. Since an early age, James Dondero knew that investing was something that he wanted to do. Not only did investing become a passion, it also became a profession.

As a resident of Dallas, Texas, James Dondero remains the president of Highland Capital Management. As a result, his duties consist of managing the company’s investment strategies and overseeing its operations in retail products. In addition, James Dondero possesses a significant amount of expertise regarding the credit Market. In fact, his extensive work history dates back over three decades. Moreover, his accomplishments include being an originator of the Collateralized Loan Obligation. In addition, James Dondero remains critically acclaimed throughout the industry. This remains attributed to his vision and personal insight. To expound further, James Dondero has received several awards and accolades during his lengthy and successful career.

In particular, James Dondero remains Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation recipient in 2014. Prior to working for Highland, Mr. Dondero became the Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. In a matter of 5 years, James Dondero transformed the business into a multi-billion dollar company. Moreover, James Dondero remains responsible for $1 billion dollars in fixed-income funds for American Express. In addition, James Dondero has years of educational experience. To expound further, James Dondero stands as a proud graduate of the University of Virginia. While there, he earned a degree in finance. Moreover, Mr. Dondero remains a Certified Management Accountant. As a result, he obtained the privilege to use the charter financial analysis designation. Given his prosperous career, it remains obvious why his influence in the industry remains unwavering. In closing, Jame Dondero remains an inspiration to his peers and colleagues.

Your Home Will Stay Cool If You Listen To Goettl

To keep your home cool, especially out in the western part of the nation can take a lot of steps to make sure your air conditioning units are running at the best level. Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the most experienced companies when it comes to picking air conditioning units that run at the safest environmental levels and use the least amount of power. Sometimes air conditioners need to be upgraded in order to get the best use, but Goettl does have tips that can save you the costs of buying new units if they’re followed.

One tip Goettl says is of utmost importance is putting insulation that can seal off the outdoor heat and prevent it from absorbing through the ceiling. In addition, having the right size film over the window panes can also keep rooms from overheating from sunshine. The sun is one of the biggest factors to a constantly running air conditioner, so you should make sure your outdoor units and indoor thermostat are placed away from it. Most importantly, you need to make sure your air conditioners are receiving the proper maintenance checks and replacements to keep them running at the most efficient setting.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in the HVAC repair business since the 1930s when the Goettl brothers started it in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. The company has had several businesses buy it out over the years, but Ken Goodrich can be credited for returning it to being locally-owned in Arizona and merging into the Las Vegas Markets. Goodrich has made the company about supporting technician programs in these areas, including donating funds and tools to a veterans program at a community college. They also have gone out of their way a few times to help people who couldn’t pay to fix their HVAC systems and fixed them free of charge.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) Uses Clinical Pathways Program

Clinical Pathways is a program developed with cancer patient needs in mind. The program gives oncologists an integration of the most recent research on cancer, complementary therapies and treatment regimens to help them create a list of curated care protocols during care of patients.

CTCA in collaboration with Allscripts and NantHealth started to plan this program in the beginning 2016 to help providers and patients alike. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is implementing the Clinical Pathways solution with seamless clinical decision integration support and without interrupting clinical workflow of the physician. The NantOS is a direct interface that holds detailed collection of inputs by many oncologists on evolving care data for cancer across the country.

The Pathways program has created greater transparency in care delivery and therapeutic selection, and helps improve the efficiency and quality of services rendered by eliminating potential guesswork and variability by clinicians. Thanks to the integrated platform, Clinical Pathways can expedite approval of treatment strategies to insurance providers using the relevant clinical data. Clinical Teams and patients can also discuss treatment regimens from a library of information providing greater confidence with patients in their treatment prescription for their specific diagnosis.

Background on Cancer Treatment Centers of America

CTCA has major hospitals located in metropolitan areas across the US as follows:- Pennsylvania, Chicago, Phoenix, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Tulsa. Headquartered in Florida at Boca Raton CTCA is a for-profit national network of hospitals that provides services to cancer patients throughout the US.

Each state-of-the-art center is staffed with experts in treatment of cancer who apply advanced treatments and cutting-edge technologies to provide whole-person and personalised care. The integrative model used treats cancer using conventional approaches such as radiation, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery while offering to manage side effects related to cancer like nausea, pain, lymphedema, depression, fatigue, malnutrition, anxiety and supportive therapies all in one package.

Heavy Metal Legend: Cassio Audi

Heavy Metal started as Metal Music in the sixties then in the seventies it became heavy metal. With the different styles of Acidic and Blue Rock becoming real popular in the 70s, heavy metal was becoming a household name. This new and exciting music was not only gaining popularity in Europe and the United States, but now it made its way to South America in the country of Brazil.

One important piece of a Heavy Metal Rock group is the drummer. See a heavy metal drummer engineers unique sounds accompanied by loud strong beats that sets the tempo for the songs. In the 1980s Drummers brought a rebellious and unique type of spirit to Rock n Roll. One of these top drummers came from Brazil and his name was Cassio Audi.

If you think you have read and learned everything about Cassio Audi and did not know he is a Brazilian Rock Musician then its time to pull up a chair. Cassio Audi in the early 80s linked up with Felipe Machal, Andre Matos, Pit Passerall and Yves Passerall to form the group Viper. Their Musical Style was a mixture of British metal from two time periods the 70s and 80s. Audi being the drummer was a key factor on putting together the band’s first demo “The Killer Swords” in 1985. In 1987 they released their debut hit record, called “Soldiers of Sunrise” which became a hit locally & nationally. With the growing popularity of the band, this put Cassio Audi as one of the most popular and iconic drummers not only in Brazil, but all over the world. Casio departed from the group in 1989 to start the second phase of his life, but he will always be remembered as one of the iconic hall of fame heavy metal drummers.

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A brief look at Timothy D. Armour and his perspective of Warren Buffet’s Advice for Investment

Timothy D. Armour plays the role of the chief executive officer and chairman of Capital group. He also plays the role of the principal executive officer and chairman of a section of Capital Group known as Capital Research and Management Company. Additionally, he is an equity portfolio Manager. He has attained more than 30 years of experience in

the field of investment which he attained from Capital Group. In the early period of his career as an equity investment analyst working at Capital, he was responsible for the coverage of U.S. service companies and global telecommunications. He started his career playing the role of a participant in the Associate program. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics which was attained from Middlebury College. He is presently situated in Los Angeles and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

Not too long ago, Warren Buffet made a wager of a million dollars for a charity that he had the capacity to attain more elevated returns on investment than a number of hedge fund managers by simply investing in an S &P 500 index fund which is passive. According to Timothy D. Armour, Mr. Buffet was right because there were numerous expensive and mediocre funds which left investors short-changed. He stated his support of Mr. Buffet’s commitment to minimized cost. He added that investments which were simple should be purchased and held for a long period. He stated that the approach of Mr. Buffet of bottom-up investment and analyzing companies rigorously as well as creating a portfolio which was durable had proven itself over the years. He also added that no one has been better at passing the message that additional savings towards retirement are required by Americans and learn more about Tim.

Tim also stated his point of view in the recent annual letters for shareholders where Mr. Buffet provided some words of wisdom based on the years he had spent on investment. Tim believed that customers should be cautious of product labels in a lot of industries. He also added that a lot of mutual funds offer long-term returns that were low which are partly as a result of excessive trading and elevated management fees and more information click here.

More visit: http://www.fundacity.com/timothy-armour

Vinny Parascandola’s illustrative career path

AXA is a French multinational firm that has grown to be the leading insurance company the world offering investment management services, global insurance, and other financial services. The company has extended its operations to Western Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East and Asia –Pacific region. It operates through its many affiliates like US Financial Life, AXA Network, AXA Equitable Life Insurance, Alliance Bernstein and MONY. The firm has enjoyed continued success over the years because of its effective leadership.


One of the people leading this international insurance institution is Vinnie Parascandola, a financial expert. He is the senior vice president of the New York-based AXA Advisors. He is qualified retirement planning, estate planning, asset management, financial services and life insurance strategies. As the vice president, Mr. Parascandola is in charge of sourcing, recruiting ng and retaining competent financial professionals and young talent. He also oversees sales and productivity.

Vinnie Parascandola joined AXA in 2004 from MONY where he had worked as a life insurance strategist for 14 years. Before joining MONY, he worked for three years at Prudential as an agent. Hard work and commitment made Parascandola climb the leadership ladder in all the firms he worked. His exceptional results as the Vice President of MONY saw him elected to lead AXA Advisors. Previously, Vinnie had also served as the president of the Advantage Group.

Vinnie Parascandola has earned the GAMA leadership awards for his renowned leadership ability. The award is the highest honor in the financial industry given to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the industry. In his early years in the Industry, Vinnie also received the National Rookie of the Year award. He undoubtedly has been outstanding from the beginning of his career to date.

In addition to guiding AXA Advisors to an annual growth of 14%, Vinnie Parascandola has also created AXA Foundation, a philanthropic arm of the firm. The foundation supports research on solutions to environmental problems and offers education scholarships. Mr. Parascandola’s distinguished career in the financial industry makes it hard to believe that he graduated with from Pace University with bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Talk Fusion Reaches Vast Audience

Talk Fusion has been the talk of the town in many businesses and homes. This has become the company that a lot of people are utilizing when they want to get the best web conferencing experience. This company has managed to give consumers and business leaders a great sense of peace when it comes to real-time conferencing software. This has become a very lucrative business because Talk Fusion has presented crisp and clear video solutions that make it easy for people to connect with others that are in different parts of the world. This has become one of the most powerful ways for businesses to conduct meetings and build relationships with potential clients. Talk Fusion has ushered in a wave of communication that gives people access to a wide range of software platforms like video conferencing and video email.


Talk Fusion is the company that has ushered in a great amount of success with giving people what they need when it comes to video communication. This is definitely a company that has the ability to thrive in the technology arena because it prevents something that no one else has capitalized on yet. The concept of video email is something that was invented by Talk Fusion. In this day and age it is difficult for technology companies to actually build any type of meaningful patents, but this is an area where Talk Fusion has really overshadowed the competition when it comes to a solid video email platform that is easy to understand and utilize.


People have embraced what Talk Fusion has presented because this company creates quality products. It has become the type of organization that is known for a bevy of different software platforms that cater to an array of needs for businesses.


The best thing about Talk Fusion is that CEO Bob Reina continues to innovate. He isn’t sitting back and waiting for something to happen. He is making things happen, and taking on other areas of communication in the technology sector. Bob is proving that he is just getting started and that he has more to offer.

The Life and Career of Avi Weisfogel

When asked about his most favorite software, Avi Weisfogel noted the role that LinkedIn has played to transform him into the man he is today. Other than marketing his forums, Avi says that he has used LinkedIn as a networking tool where he gets to meet new people and interact with them. When asked about his favorite book and one that he would recommend to his customers, he recommended a book called The Power of Now and notes the role that this book can play in helping us figure out why certain things happen. It’s also a good book to include the lives of normal people.


Steve Jobs is one entrepreneur who influenced Avi Weisfogel. From his many skills, the skills that he admired Steve Jobs for is attention to detail and ingenuity. To keep in touch with his clients and customers, Avi Weisfogel maintains profiles in other social media platforms other than LinkedIn such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A business idea that he is willing to give away is a dental mirror that has a windshield wiper. Avi says that this kind of a mirror will ensure that dentists conduct a whole procedure without stopping to wipe the mirror. Becoming a dentist is one of his greatest failures in life. He says that he should have established a sleep lab sooner than he did. However, he says it’s never too late to achieve what one wants in life. When asked to name the strategy that has made his business grow, Avi Weisfogel names regional marketing. He attributes this strategy to making it very easy to find a client. Also, it makes it easy for the customer or the client to find you.


Asked what he would do if given a chance to start all over again, Avi says that he would be more humble than he is today. He says having the same conversations over and over with different people makes him very productive. Avi Weisfogel is famous for Dental Sleep Masters that is found in New Jersey. He is also the founder of Healthy Heart Sleep and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient.


Become A Part Today

Are you insecure about your current financial institute and their excessive fees? Dallas, based NexBank is backed with a large amount of assets and FDIC insurance to secure where your money is housed. They are backed with a remarkable $40 billion dollars of assets and have recently acquired a $24 million dollar common equity. John Holt, says, he is interested in expanding his general counsel and leadership team with three top executives. Holt, was proud to speak at a recent Texas Financial Annual Association Opportunity Conference and he was glad to put an emphasis on his personalized account holders.


Surprisingly, there are thousands of customers that trust and respect the NexBank name for true financial growth. They have over 246,000+ online customers and growing. They offer their customers 24/7, live customer service assistance when and where they need it. You can also learn more about NexBank features by visiting their secure and easy to navigate website for a listing of their account details. You’re also welcome to visit a local branch to talk to a professional about signing up for an account. You can eliminate the excessive banks fees that are associated with their competitor financial institutes.


Superior NexBank Services


– Free online bill pay

– Free checks

– Free direct deposit

– Free checking account

– Mortgage accounts

– IRA accounts

– Anytime access

and more…


You can securely switch money in between accounts with any device including your tablet or smartphone. They allow you to check your account balance securely when and where you like. In fact, you can save money on government student loan debt with over 1,600+ college savings programs through NexBank. Invest in your retirement and plan for a future after your working years with a convenient NexBank investment plan for their customers. Become a valuable NExBank customer today.