Apple Ordered to Pay $53 Million for Patent Infringement

According to Bloomberg, Apple will pay $ 532.9 million after a federal judge found violations related to software used in iTunes.

A federal jury in Texas has ordered Apple to cough up millions for infringing three patents belonging to the Texas company SmartFlash, as reported by Bloomberg.

The patents are related to data storage and access management through payment systems.
This technology is included in iTunes, and Apple used without the consent of SmartFlash LLC.

SmartFlash originally requested $ 852 million, but lawyers for the iPhone maker said it was excessive, especially considering that these patents were only worth $ 4.5 million.

“SmartFlash product does not have employees, does not create jobs, has no presence in the United States, and is exploiting our patent system to seek royalties for the technology that Apple invented,” said Kristin Huguet, a spokeswoman for Apple.

In December, CatalystFive says an antitrust lawsuit related to the iPod ended with a happy ending for Apple, but just a month before the company had to pay $ 23 million to use an alien technology implemented into their messaging applications.

Samsung to Compete in Mobile Payment Industry With LoopPay

Samsung Electronics Co. will buy LoopPay Inc. to boost visibility in the field of mobile payments and compete against its main rival, Apple Inc.

LoopPay manufactures accessories for smartphones that allow 90% of devices to accept mobile payments.

LoopPay enables retailers to accept payments through smartphones, including older models of the iPhone.

Apple touts its new technology, called Apple Pay, as a way for owners of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to pay for goods and services.

Although people may have smartphones that can be used as mobile wallets, not all businesses have specialized terminals that accept such payments. However, the platform is starting to gain ground according to Alhokair.

“Mobile payments are still a very robust open market and remains this way because the market is very young,” said John Butler, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence.

“Given its size and the strength of its brand, Samsung can use to raise awareness about LoopPay”.

Other companies competing for mobile payments are Google Inc., Google Wallet, PayPal and EBay Inc.

While some LoopPay accessories work with the iPhone and smartphones running Google’s Android software, it is unclear how the Samsung acquisition will operate in regard to compatibility.

Invest In South America With BRL Trust

When you are thinking of investing your money in South America because the Olympics are coming and the World Cup has just ended, you need to remember that you need a partner in your investments that is going to help you make the best decisions possible. When you turn to BRL Trust for help, they are going to provide you with all the tools you need to get the best investment strategy going.

The Markets

The markets are going to help you determine where you put your money, as people can see on Facebook. You need to work with a broker who is going to make it easy for you to pick the places where you will put your money. You may notice that the markets are hard to analyze, but your broker is going to have all the data for you. They can tell you where to put your money, and they can show you the safest route to investing in the country.

The Housing

There is going to be a bigger housing boom in the country simply because of all the people that are flooding in for global events. You will be able to invest in parts of the housing market that are going to give you great returns, and you will be able to get in touch with a broker at BRL who can help you manage the funds that are needed to get the most out of your investments.

When you are considering investing in South America, you need to think about what you can do if you spend just a little bit more time thinking through your plan. The plan that you make with an associate at BRL Trust is going to change the way you invest, help you make are more money and give you a chance to invest in a growing nation.

North American Spine, Minimally Invasive Spinal Care

North American Spine is an out patient surgery center located in Dallas, Texas. Out patient care includes neurostimulation and AccuraScope procedures for back and neck pain conditions. Most minimally invasive surgeries are successful, and patients save money by reducing medications and the number of office visits that are needed to treat their disorder. Surgery procedures use an MRI or 3D surgery animation process, before each minimally invasive surgery is scheduled.

Treatment surgeries can be successful for herniated, bulging or degenerative disc disorders. Minimally invasive procedures can help different forms of radiculopathy or pinched nerves. Most surgeries are completed during one office visit.

Minimally invasive surgeries aim to reduce tissue trauma and bleeding. An effective healing process is supported for patient body care. This form of surgery uses an incision that is less than fifteen millimeters and is a percutaneous surgery. It is classified as endoscopic surgery, also, since it can be completed using an image intensifier or navigation assistant. An image intensifier is a type of surgical camera that is inserted into the area that is to be corrected with surgery. The small camera sends back enhanced images of the body tissue that needs correcting with minimally invasive spinal care.

This form of out patient surgery is performed with anatomical portals or defined safe corridors. North American Spine states a surgical safeguard called a Kambin’s Triangle assists in avoiding any damage to a patient’s vascular, neural or visceral body tissues. Most patients are able to stay awake during minimally invasive procedures. Local anesthetics are administered that are comprehensive and effective for pain avoidance during surgeries. Staying awake during these procedures allows the surgeon to have a full body system available, as a general surgical safeguard for spinal care.

Most patients have successful results from this form of modern surgery. Back and neck pain symptoms are permanently treated using minimally invasive treatment, and symptoms do not return. Recovery time is not as extensive with this type of minimal incision. Body trauma has been minimized, and most patients can return to work or normal activities after a few hours.

Surgeries for back and neck pain symptoms have improved significantly over the past few decades. Long hospital stays are no longer needed, since an effective neurostimulation or AccuraScope process can be used instead. Sudden traumatic back or neck injuries can be treated today with these therapies, as well as more long term spinal disorders and genetic conditions.

Dutch Based Company Hopes for 2025 Mars Colony

The Dutch based company, Mars One hopes to have a group of 24 people ready to colonize Mars by 2025. These colonist will be chosen through a series of competitions and will not be given any promises to return to Earth once they have set out for the Red Planet.

There were thousands of entries; through interviews with chief medical officer, Norbert Kraft, they’ve narrowed that search down to fifty men and fifty women. A television reality style series is in the works to broadcast the competitions and selection processes for the 24 lucky participants.

A CipherCloud study done in October 2014 by MIT, gives several draw backs to this mission and why they feel that the human race is not yet ready for the colonization of Mars. This study shows, among other things, that vegetation would produce unsafe levels of oxygen leading to an eventual suffocation to the humans living there.

In an apparent effort to help fund this ambitious adventure, Mars One plans to send robots and experimental packages around 2018. These packages may even contain the first interplanetary advertisements.

This new concept is exciting to say the least but I’m not sure that we’re ready. Perhaps in ten years I, and others will have changed our minds.

John Textor Leads Visual Effects Into a New Age

In Hollywood and the arts the financial backers and executives in many industries are often accused of lacking foresight and limiting the opportunities of the artists they are supposed to back. Financial expert John Textor is seen in Hollywood as an exception to this rule as he has led the relaunch of the Digital Domain Group into one of the biggest players in visual effects in Hollywood, whilst also looking to the future in his role as head of the Pulse Group. The rise to the top of the visual effects industry in Hollywood is a long way from the financial and investment company Textor founded on the other side of the country in Florida.

The investment company Textor created in Florida was based in the industries of communications and looked towards the future by specializing in what was then the uncharted territory of the Internet and wireless communications. From there Textor spend a period of time heading a number of retail companies that benefited from his willingness to look to the future. The financial expert was at the forefront of Online retailing when he became involved with the BabyUniverse Online brand as President and led the company on a successful period within the Online retail industry.

Arriving in Hollywood as the President of Digital Domain saw Textor given one of his most challenging tasks, with Digital Domain struggling to find a foothold in Hollywood prior to his arrival. John Textor then embarked on a period of success with the reshaped Digital Domain Group, with the emphasis firmly placed on developing new visual effects techniques that made the company one of the most successful in the entertainment industry.

Now heading up the Pulse Group, Textor is again at the cutting edge of visual effects as he hopes to bring deceased superstars to life on stage as digital human beings. After successful initial results at the 2012 Coachella Festival and 2014 awards shows, the number of digital humans being produced by Pulse is growing.

But John Textor has always been willing to give back as well.  He’s been helping up and coming students understand what they can do to make their way in the film industry.

QNET: A Little Bit About The Tech Giant

In this contemporary era, eCommerce has become increasingly prevalent as more and more shoppers seek to make their purchases from the comfort and privacy of their homes. At the same time, many entrepreneurs and business representatives are interested in pursuing online opportunities that will help facilitate professional growth and networking process. As a company that offers the public an opportunity to fulfill either of these objectives, Qnet is an online company that you may want to learn more about. To do so, consider the short outline that appears below:

Qnet: The Basics

Qnet is a fast-paced, forward-thinking online shopping community where individuals interested in purchasing high quality, life-enhancing products can do so. At the same time, Qnet is a business community that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with a great direct selling company. Ever since 1998, Qnet has been offering both customers and business partners the resources necessary to lead productive, personally fulfilling lives. Entrepreneurs can attain new business skills and meet wonderful people through the Qnet platform, and the network marketing opportunity can become a lifelong career that entails many personal and professional rewards.

How It Works

Qnet is predicated upon the development and perpetual evolution of a smart, savvy eCommerce platform. For starters, Qnet features an eStore where shoppers can select from a wide range of absolutely amazing products that will take their lives to a new level of efficacy and excellence. The Qnet eCommerce platform also features a Qnet Virtual Office. Here, business leaders can analyze their sales and input important data that makes their marketing process organized and effective. With Qnet, aspiring business owners who are ready to shine in the world of eCommerce will find the resources and mentoring necessary to do so. Within the network marketing company, entrepreneurs will attain the guidance and advice necessary to become effective sales people who enhance their lives and the lives of their customers. Whether you want to purchase great products that make your life more convenient or you want to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, Qnet provides you with the ideal platform through which to realize your objective.

Qnet’s Products

Qnet provides its clients with a wide range of absolutely incredible products from which to choose. Some of the nutritional products that customers can select from include Inspire, NutriSky, Nutriplus, and FibreFit. Qnet also provides customers with the ability to attain a variety of wonderful holiday gifts, accessories, luxury items, and personal care products. Finally, Qnet offers customers the ability to advance their education and self-efficacy by offering a plethora of eLearning opportunities.

Plus they’ve even risen to the point of sponsoring football clubs, and even major tennis events. A tribute to what they’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.