Get the Best with EOS Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth lip balm, famously known as EOS lip balm, is one of the best lip moisturizing products in the business. EOS lip balm has been featured in a number of famous magazines like Seventeen, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan and worn by celebrities such as Anna Kendrick, Fergie, and Gwen Stefani. It contains ingredients such as vitamin E and shea butter which are the best to prevent chapped lips. The product comes in a variety of lines including organic lip balm, extremely soft lip balm, lip balm with shimmer, and lip balm with SPF protection. EOS lip balm either comes in a sphere or stick shape and a variety of flavors. Some of the most popular flavors include strawberry sorbet, sweet mint, pomegranate raspberry, and sheer pink.

Strawberry Sorbet

The strawberry sorbet flavor lip balm by EOS is one of their most popular products and is part of the organic smooth spheres collection. It comes in a light pink sphere and is loved for its sweet flavor and smell.

Sweet Mint

The EOS sweet mint flavor lip balm, like strawberry sorbet, is part of the organic smooth spheres collection and is another popular flavor among customers. It is sold in a mint green sphere and leaves a minty tingle on your lip after it is applied.

Pomegranate Raspberry

The pomegranate raspberry flavor lip balm is one of EOS’ beloved products and is also in the organic smooth spheres line. The lip balm is contained in a hot pink sphere and has a unique and delicious flavor. Click here to purchase.

Sheer Pink

The EOS sheer pink lip balm is part of the shimmer smooth collection and it comes in a black sphere. It has the shine of a lip gloss with the moisturizing properties of a lip balm.

EOS lip balm products are available on the shelves of retail stores like Walmart and Target.

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Informing the World through Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the free version of the online encyclopedia, revealed the most edited articles of the year 2016. While some of the pages that made on the list may be somewhat unsurprising due to the interest and the controversies they generated throughout the year, for instance, the Panama Papers, Brexit, the Orlando nightclub shooting amongst others, the popularity and growing public interest in other pages that made on the list is more mysterious for example, RuPauls Drag Race, Beverley Gray a fictional character of 1934 and 1955 series of 26 mystery stories.

The Vincent Van Gogh page was edited in more than thousand times. The editors wanted to clarify the misunderstanding about the artist in an aim of achieving the featured status for the page.

According to Wikipedia, the most edited page was the Deaths in 2016 that had a total of 18230 edits. Some of the most notable figure lost in 2016 are Janet Reno, David Bowie, Gwen Ifill, Fidel Castro, Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali, Prince and John Glenn amongst other.

The United State president-elect Donald Trump Wikipedia page made was the second on the list with a total of 8,933 edits as of Dec 21. In future, there is a good chance that the Wikipedia page of Donald Trump will have more edits this is due to his status and power he holds in the society.

In this era engulfed with fake news has become more common than ever the job of a Wikipedia editor has become more important compared in the past. Not only is the Wikipedia the most visited page in the world but it is also the one of the most trusted source of information online, on Google search it is top five in the search result. Therefore it is a powerful marketing tool for business and personal branding.

Every company and person looking to establish their reputation have to have one. An individual or business have option to make a Wikipedia by themselves else they can seek the service of a recognized Wikipedia page creating and editing company. There are many advantages gained from outsourcing the service of a Wikipedia editor. The main advantage is that the Wikipedia page is monitored. Anyone can edit a Wikipedia page since it an open source community. Through close monitoring of their clients Wikipedia pages the Get, your Wiki Wikipedia editors ensures that their client’s pages reflect accurate information.

With the accurate information for both companies and individual can build their online footprint on the Wikipedia. This information offers visibility of since Wikipedia provides solid result about company’s information and individual data. Wikipedia is a platform of making a good judgment call.

In addition, a Wikipedia page gives business and individual credibility. In the recent years, people research about people and companies online before they decide to do business with them. With help of Wikipedia editors, individual and companies can maintain good online reputation.

Ten Ideas to Take Your Photography to the Next Level by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrian Jose Velasquez has taught professional photography for years. His advice to budding photographers is that they ought not to get discouraged by the errors they keep on making. No, if anything they should use the challenges to their advantage. They are a useful learning experience to sharpen one’s skills and prowess.

Here are the ten common technical errors and how you as the photographer can avoid them.

1. Colors
The choice of colors used speaks volumes about the skill level and the creativity of the artist. Work with a cutting-edge monitor for a superb color calibration on Your goal is to itemize the colors and the shades just perfectly. Keeping it simple is the secret. Subtle and natural shades and colors rarely disappoint.

2. Achieving Sharp Shots
Stand out. Create an intentional blur. Again, don’t overdo it. Take proper control of the sharpness of your photos. Learn how to center and focus your shots. Calibrate the camera on Facebook such that the shutter speed is slightly above the focal length. Increase the ISO speed for better shots.

3. Balancing your Snaps
Rotation is great. It creates the illusion of energy in motion. It’s not that easy to pull off, however. Be observant and avoid tilt bias. Keep the camera upright. Pay particular attention to the edges.

4. Take Up-Close Pictures
The best images are the ones taken from short distances. Invest in a wide angle lens.

5. General Settings
Get a professional to assist with balancing the contrast, exposure and the black and white ratio aspects. Many photographers end up either overdoing it or underdoing the contrast.

6. HDR
It takes a true pro to pull off HDR effortlessly and brilliantly; the reflections, the shadows, and the overall tone comes out captivating.

7. Photographic Gold
Real pros know how to focus their attention and energy on a particular topic to achieve photography gold on

8. Consistency
It’s okay to be adventurous and try out different styles and scenarios. But having a consistent focus works wonders to your career.

9. Keep Practicing
Take pictures of your home. Capture images as you travel. Use your camera or your phone to keep yourself busy. This acts to polish your skill set.

10. Showcase Masterpieces only
Don’t be in the habit of pressing the share button once you capture an image at Wait a bit and see if you can edit it or take a better photo to share with your fans.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Mr. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a prominent businessman hailing from Panama. He currently serves as a treasurer, director, and president of numerous companies in his nation. He is a mentor to future entrepreneurs. He often writes on a variety of genres spanning from photography, travel, and tourism and on business as welL. Adds To The Fun Of College Football

Betting on football can often be a confusing task to undertake for those who do not have the skills or experience to understand the ins and outs of football odds, or have experience with spread betting options. has become one of the world’s top betting Websites as the full time editorial staff bring news of injuries, form, and various other aspects of almost every sport a bet can be placed on. Founded in 1995, has become a major part of the sports betting industry as experts from many different fields come together to provide information on the best bets to make by arming readers with the most up to date information available.

The first type of NCAAF odds to be understood are those for any team to win a specific game they are playing in, which will usually offer a lower return than other forms of spread betting as in most college games there is a definite underdog and favorite competing. Even when an individual is looking to place a bet on a single game they have to take into account the NCAAF odds that include a points for or against option usually offered with the favorite beginning each game given a points value they are expected to win a game by, if the team fails to win by this number of points the bet on that team is lost. However, when an underdog is expected to lose a bet can be placed on college football and won when a team loses by less than the reported number of points offered by the bookmaker.

A number of other bets can be taken when looking for the best football odds, which are often offered as a spread betting option by global bookmakers who are often looking to offer higher quality bets than simply a win or lose option. Spread betting can take the form of a bet on the total number of points scored in a single NCAAF game, with the individual placing a bet on the final result being over or under the number given by the bookmaker. Understanding spread betting and getting all the latest information from makes it easier to enjoy college football to the maximum with the added interest of possibly winning some extra money.