All You Need to Know About NuoDB Cloud Technology

NuoDB, which was founded in 2008 and is based in Massachusetts, has had its technology used on places such as the UAE stock exchange. So what is it? It is an elastic SQL database for cloud applications. It is able to work faster when you add a new server to scale out the database. NuoDB uses a tiered approach. This means that it uses multiple tiers of storage managers and transaction engines to power their technology. It uses three tiers: administrative, transactional and storage tiers. This reduces risk.

It’s unique in that you can expand your database by adding more servers, instead of having to use new hardware. It can process more than a million transactions every single second. It is often referred to NewSQL technology. NuoDB uses regular SQL features, but it integrates new technology to improve upon it, such as scale out processing in cloud computing. The technology divides data elements into atoms, which are software object. NuoDB also supports MVCC, also called multi-version concurrency control. This detects data deadlocks. It was released to the general public at the beginning of 2013. Jim Starkey was the original lead architect. He retired but is still an advisor to the company.

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