How does Avaaz make sure its campaigns are accurate?

When it comes to the world of activism, making mistakes can sometimes happen. After all, many campaigns are started in a rush as events begin to move forward at a very fast rate.

Some activist networks shrug off their mistakes and move forward, refusing to admit a campaign they started may not have been done on particularly accurate grounds. Avaaz, the world’s largest activist network, however, is different.

As soon as Avaaz realizes it has made a mistake in detailing some of the information it has forwarded to its members, it corrects the mistake and makes sure its members know about it.

Why does Avaaz correct its mistakes?Avaaz founders believe the only way an organization can stay legitimate is to check, double check and triple check the information they give to members to be sure it is accurate.

If, at a later date, this information is proven to be inaccurate, however, they believe informing their members and allowing them to withdraw their support from the campaign is the moral thing to do.

After all, if members are allowed to continue to believe erroneous facts, it is only a matter of time before they find out and leave the organization.

How Avaaz corrects mistakes and informs its members — As soon as facts are found to be untrue or mistakenly described, Avaaz sends an email to all its members informing them.

It also corrects the mistake on its website, and links to the correction from the main page so everyone involved with the organization can read it.

Allowing members to withdraw from a campaign — If Avaaz also discovers a campaign was begun with inaccurate facts, it sends emails to the members that supported the campaign and tells them how they can go about withdrawing their support if the inaccurate fact means they no longer wish to do so.

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