How does Avaaz make sure its campaigns are accurate?

When it comes to the world of activism, making mistakes can sometimes happen. After all, many campaigns are started in a rush as events begin to move forward at a very fast rate.

Some activist networks shrug off their mistakes and move forward, refusing to admit a campaign they started may not have been done on particularly accurate grounds. Avaaz, the world’s largest activist network, however, is different.

As soon as Avaaz realizes it has made a mistake in detailing some of the information it has forwarded to its members, it corrects the mistake and makes sure its members know about it.

Why does Avaaz correct its mistakes?Avaaz founders believe the only way an organization can stay legitimate is to check, double check and triple check the information they give to members to be sure it is accurate.

If, at a later date, this information is proven to be inaccurate, however, they believe informing their members and allowing them to withdraw their support from the campaign is the moral thing to do.

After all, if members are allowed to continue to believe erroneous facts, it is only a matter of time before they find out and leave the organization.

How Avaaz corrects mistakes and informs its members — As soon as facts are found to be untrue or mistakenly described, Avaaz sends an email to all its members informing them.

It also corrects the mistake on its website, and links to the correction from the main page so everyone involved with the organization can read it.

Allowing members to withdraw from a campaign — If Avaaz also discovers a campaign was begun with inaccurate facts, it sends emails to the members that supported the campaign and tells them how they can go about withdrawing their support if the inaccurate fact means they no longer wish to do so.

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A Brief Explanation of Money Market Funds and Their Return Potential

Money market funds, or money market mutual funds, are fixed income instruments. These types of investments accrue interest along with the eventual return of the principal at maturation. Many of these funds pay out interest periodically. Money market funds have extremely low volatility, credit, and liquidity risks. These instruments attempt to maintain a Net Asset Value (NAV) of $1 per share, but market funds intended for institutional investment must publish their NAV daily. This is called a “floating NAV.”

These funds are among the safest of investments, but the potential returns are often humble. A typical short maturation money market fund might produce around 0.25 to 0.50 percent interest. The interest rate grows even higher as the maturation period increases. Anyone who desires a safe and secure instrument with modest returns should invest in a money market fund.

According to Wikipedia, there are quite a few different types of money market funds, and maturation dates can range anywhere from 24 hours to a year or more. Some funds are made of government securities, and others contain bank or corporate debt. Money market funds are most commonly made up of government bonds, banker’s acceptances, treasury bills, or certificates of deposit. A tax-free fund can help the investor avoid federal taxation, but state or local taxes may still apply.

Investments placed into these funds are generally redeemable at any time, and redemption proceeds are paid within seven days. There is sometimes a fee associated with early withdrawal, and there are rare cases where withdrawals are not possible.

Bruce R. Bent II is a financial leader and entrepenuer who fully understands money market funds. Well, he should, his father was the  firstto launch money market funds in 1970. Bruce Bent II is the President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation.

His innovative financial systems have resulted in several patents credited to his name, and he has continued to innovate in the financial services industry for many years. Bruce Bent II graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelor of Science degree in philosophy. He has devoted his life to financial technologies, investments and helping businesses succeed.

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Eric Pulier And His Commitment To Enterprise Technology

I have been quite involved in the use of enterprise technology, and there are a number of people who wish to use it as I have. I have been using the technology from the very beginning, and I am pleased with the way enterprise technology has helped my business get work done. We have connected all our devices to the enterprise system, and this article shows how Eric Pulier helped us convert our business to something that is far more efficient.


#1: Eric Innovates In Many Ways


Eric Pulier has been an innovator since he started in the technology world, and he created enterprise technology that helps send information to cell phones and mobile devices in the field. We are connected when I send my workers out to jobs every day, and they have information they may pull up on their devices that will help them do their jobs.


#2: He Improves The Technology Every Day


Eric has worked for quite a long time to ensure that he is improving the technology he has created. The information that is sent through these devices is important to our business, and I believe that there are quite a few people who will use this technology to make their business more profitable. The enterprise technology is quite powerful, and it is helpful for all companies that are working in remote or online situations.


#3: The Technology Improves American Business


The American businesses that are using enterprise technology are making more money, and there are many people who are looking for a way to communicate with the workers in the field. Technology that Eric created also helped make the American government stable, and he worked on the Y2K commission that made the country safer when computers changed to the year 2000.


There are quite a few people who are searching for better ways to run their businesses, and they are using enterprise technology that was created by Eric Pulier. Eric has  Pulier helped improve American businesses, and he knows that he may continue to help the companies that he serves with connections his technology creates.


Tammy Mazzocco Sets the Agenda for Real Estate in Central Ohio

When Tammy Mazzocco got her job as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm, she had little idea that someday she would be one of the most significant sales people in the business in Central Ohio. Mazzocco is associated with the RE/MAX real estate agency in Pickerington, Ohio, and located Southeast of Columbus.

Pickerington is a small town with about 20,000 of population, but the four counties that surround the town harbors roughly 2 million people, a rich and fertile field for real estate sales. Mazzacco specializes in residential real estate, and she stays busy covering this area as more and more families escape the confines of the city in favor the more relaxing open spaces of country living.

Tammy is very passionate about her career as she enjoys helping families find the home of their dreams. She is very adept at doing what needs to be done to the effect that activity as much as possible. More details can be found on Spokeo.

In a report by Bitsylink, Tammy has things down to a science, now that she has been in the business for so many years. She likes to start each day early with some stretching exercises and meditation at home before she starts for the office. She arrives at her office as early as she can and gets rid of the paperwork, answers emails and takes care of other office duties. Then she is on the phone, scheduling appointments with clients to be to show them houses.

Getting people out to see houses is the primary goal that Tammy strives for, as people will not buy a house unless they see it. Odds are they are going to have to see several houses, if not dozens to finally pick one that fits their tastes.

Tammy gets around 80 percent of her business from her customers and referrals, and she is very impressed with the newer sources of good leads from agencies such as Zillow and where people enter their names on these websites wanting more information about specific houses and want to be shown around as well.

In an article on The Lure Lounge, real estate is a people to people business, and Tammy is very respectful of her clients’ time and financial situations. Driving time and showing houses give prospective buyers time to open up and talk, and talk they do. Many of them are in a vulnerable situation because they are operating out of their comfort zone and they are about ready to make one of the largest financial commitments of their lives, and Tammy is there with a willing ear.

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Cassio Audi: A Financial Professional in Brazilian Investments

The financial industry is very challenging in the business world. Many countries participate in trying to build investments and investors in order to grow the economy. Brazil has been experiencing a stagnant economy, slow growth, and weak markets. Recently, Latin America has been seeking new investors in order to help with the best investments for the economic environment of Brazil. One of the financial advisors and highly recommended financial officers that has stepped up to the challenge, is Cassio Audi. Cassio Audi has been the main leader in working with the Investment Management of Brazil. The Brazilian Investment Management includes numerous securities, such as bonds, shares, and different other securities. The securities are to meet particular investment goals for the investors. Investors include pension funds, charities, and corporations. Cassio Audi, an investment manager, is the prime candidate in leading these services for the Investment Management systems.

Cassio Audi deals with a wide range of investments in many fields, making him the best at understanding the financial market in Brazil. He is skilled in many business areas including financial planning, management projects, and Entrepreneurship goals. He has been known to be devoted to his clients by working in national firms while creating personal relationships with each individual. These firms include trusted sources, such as Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc., and Rossi Commercial Properties. His college education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Pontificia Universidade. He also holds a MBA in Finance. Due to his extensive background, Cassio Audi is qualified in accounting and financial management. He has been dedicated to Brazil and improving the markets of the economy because of his outstanding leadership and communications with Brazil Investments and Management systems.

Adam Goldenberg, The Leadership Behind JustFab

JustFab is a brand that sure knows how to make its mark in the fashion industry. The clothing and lifestyle brand is known to be one of the leading casual fashion wear brands in the industry today. A large part of JustFab’s success can be credited to the brand’s founder and CEO Adam Goldenberg. Adam Goldenberg started up JustFab along with his longtime friend and business partner Don Ressler. The duo has been venturing out on their businesses since an extremely young age. With his incredible business sense, Adam Goldenberg has been able to take JustFab to a whole new level, making it a significant player in an otherwise hard to penetrate the market.

Because of how many companies he has worked with in the past, Adam Goldenberg developed a keen eye for spotting market trends that would work in today’s industries. He had embarked on numerous ventures on other areas besides fashion before he started up JustFab. He had stated on some occasions that when he was younger, he never would have guessed that he would be a part of the world of fashion, let alone the leader of one of the biggest lifestyle brands in the country. Through the years, Adam Goldenberg has met numerous people who have all taught him something about business and the industries that he divulges into. Applying this knowledge, he was able to embark on his business ventures which have been huge successes.

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Adam Goldenberg is a man with a plan. He believes that with a sound business plan in place can make any business success. He has formulated all of his business plans through careful analysis of the market structures and the areas that he works in. Using the market research that he gathers, he usually comes up with a plan, which has worked out extremely well for him. By realizing the need of the customers in the market and what they would want, he was able to find JustFab its niche, stemming its position in the clothing industry.

According to, Adam Goldenberg has had an immense impact as the CEO of JustFab. He has made the company a success in its field and even expanded it further, roping in deals with famous celebrities for the brand. JustFab has seen an incredibly profitable growth over the past few years, and a lot of that is because of the leadership that Adam Goldenberg offers the company.

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