Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) Uses Clinical Pathways Program

Clinical Pathways is a program developed with cancer patient needs in mind. The program gives oncologists an integration of the most recent research on cancer, complementary therapies and treatment regimens to help them create a list of curated care protocols during care of patients.

CTCA in collaboration with Allscripts and NantHealth started to plan this program in the beginning 2016 to help providers and patients alike. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is implementing the Clinical Pathways solution with seamless clinical decision integration support and without interrupting clinical workflow of the physician. The NantOS is a direct interface that holds detailed collection of inputs by many oncologists on evolving care data for cancer across the country.

The Pathways program has created greater transparency in care delivery and therapeutic selection, and helps improve the efficiency and quality of services rendered by eliminating potential guesswork and variability by clinicians. Thanks to the integrated platform, Clinical Pathways can expedite approval of treatment strategies to insurance providers using the relevant clinical data. Clinical Teams and patients can also discuss treatment regimens from a library of information providing greater confidence with patients in their treatment prescription for their specific diagnosis.

Background on Cancer Treatment Centers of America

CTCA has major hospitals located in metropolitan areas across the US as follows:- Pennsylvania, Chicago, Phoenix, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Tulsa. Headquartered in Florida at Boca Raton CTCA is a for-profit national network of hospitals that provides services to cancer patients throughout the US.

Each state-of-the-art center is staffed with experts in treatment of cancer who apply advanced treatments and cutting-edge technologies to provide whole-person and personalised care. The integrative model used treats cancer using conventional approaches such as radiation, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery while offering to manage side effects related to cancer like nausea, pain, lymphedema, depression, fatigue, malnutrition, anxiety and supportive therapies all in one package.

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