Life Line Screening is a Key Provider of Diagnostic Services

Life Line Screening originated in 1993. The privately owned health and wellness company is currently based in Austin, Texas. Life Line Screening offers health screening services to individual health care consumers. By 1998 they had expanded their services throughout the United States. In 2007 the company became a health screening provider in Australia and England. In 2007 the company expanded their services to include blood testing for inflammation, excessive lipids,and high blood sugar.

Life Line Screening conducts over a million health screening tests every year. Each year Life Line Screening provides affordable community-based screening events. Some of the many diseases discovered in the screening process include diabetes, aortic aneurysm, and atrial fibrillation. Board-certified physicians review the screening tests to provide the highest quality of diagnostic health care. In the United States Life Line Screening is the largest provider of community based health care screening clinics. The screening equipment is the same quality equipment as used by major hospitals. The affordable community-based events impact the lives of many people, providing them with information to improve their health. The screening service has partnered with several insurance companies, to promote their community-based clinics. Numerous employers incorporate Life Line Screening in their health care plans. Employers know the early health screening saves millions on the cost of health care.

Life Line Screening serves an important purpose for many by helping people manage their health care. Life Line Screening can detect serious medical conditions, long before symptoms are present. Over the last year, the service found serious medical conditions in over 64,000 people. Their medical issues were discovered before they displayed any apparent symptoms. In contrast, physicians and traditional medical clinics can only request diagnostic testing when symptoms are present. The preventative screenings give consumers the option to get treatment at an earlier stage of the disease process. Typically, when a serious disease such as diabetes or heart disease is caught early, it is much easier to manage the illness.

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