Matt Badiali: An Investor in Natural Resources

Matt Badiali: An Investor in Natural Resources

Matt Badiali is a natural resource investor and the founder of the Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter that offers investors handpicked stock and investment information to guide their decisions in the investment world of natural resources. He earned a bachelors of Science degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University , as well as a Master’s of Science degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He worked on a doctorate degree at the University of North Carolina and decided to step into the world of finance in 2004. He developed strategies and advice for the average American investor along with a good friend who held a PhD in Finance. Visit the website to learn more.

Badiali has dedicated his life and efforts to helping people with investments natural resources, metals and energy. In 2007 he started a newsletter, with Banyan Hill, called the Real Wealth Strategist. This newsletter allowed Matt Badiali to build a loyal following at a rapid rate. He was in a position where he could give investment advice to people who really wanted become financially savvy. Follow Matt on Facebook.

Making sound investments in natural resources takes knowledge and discipline. According to Badiali, to be a successful investor in this industry you need the right tools. One of these tools is keeping current and paying attention to the news. He states that his morning ritual is watching Bloomberg on the television and reading the latest news. He takes any insights that he has gained from the news and applies it to his newsletter by adding or removing it from his portfolio. He constantly and diligently follows this strategy on a daily basis. He will then spend time writing up to 4 pages a day reflecting on what he has learned and sharing it with his readers. Only one word it up: dedication.


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