Ian King’s Banyan Hill Publishing Is Providing Top Notch Wall Street Advice

Banyan Hill Publishing is offering the sort of independent investment advice that we can all stand to learn from. With hundreds of thousands of readers each day, it is safe to say that the word is starting to spread rather quickly. Ian King is among the panel of experts who is providing the necessary information and his word is becoming very important.


There is no shortage of stock related opportunities for investors to enjoy and with the help of Ian King, we can now enjoy all of them. Finding the investments that we are best suited for can be a challenging task. Visit cryptoprofitsummit.com to know more about Ian King.


That’s why Ian King is in your corner at all times. As someone who got his start in the world of hedge fund trading before crossing over into the cryptocurrency realm, he is uniquely qualified to provide the sort of actionable advice that gets the desired results.

Ian King has spent over two decades working in various sectors of the finance world and these experiences have prepared him for everything that is about to take place. Ian King is not someone who believes in placing an excessive amount of stock in what has already taken place. He is always looking for the next big investment that he can provide to his clients. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.


His ability to analyze the nascent cryptocurrency market has led to opportunities to appear on a variety of major outlets. Everyone from Zero Hedge to Fox Business News has clamored for his insights. Ever since he got his start working for the famed Salomon Brothers firm, he has proven that his instincts are worth relying upon.


Thanks to Banyan Hill Publishing, would be investors now have the chance to enjoy unfettered access to all of the latest scuttlebutt and actionable advice. It is this type of advice that has allowed him to rise to his current as a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing.


As someone who worked his way up from desk clerk, he has the ability to view things from a long term perspective. This is a refreshing change from the analysts who are far more concerned with all of the short term profits that they believe they can gain. Ian King has been a member of the Banyan Hill team since last year and investors who are looking to get the absolute most out of their crypto trades would do well to rely on his services going forward.

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Freedom Checks: Get the Most out of Your Investment Dollars

If you’re a savvy investor, you’re probably familiar with capital gains and dividends, but there is one other way to maximize returns on your investments, “freedom checks.” These checks are becoming increasingly popular in natural resource investments, which is due in large part to statute 26-F. Enacted by Congress in 1987, freedom checks are payouts made to investors by companies operating in the oil and natural gas industry. Also, these companies are required to be members of the MLP (Master Limited Partnerships program).

To date, the MLP program is comprised of 560 companies operating in the oil and gas space, and as long as these companies meet government requirements, based on statue 26-F, they are eligible to issue these checks. Visit the website freedomchecks.com to learn more.

What are these requirements? Well, before we answer this question, let’s address the proverbial elephant in the room. Are freedom checks better than dividends and capital gains? If your primary goal is to maximize the rate of return on your investments, yes, they are better. In fact, those who have invested in companies that fall under the umbrella of Master Limited Partnership companies have earned more than they would have with traditional investment products including mutual funds, CDs, etc. To better contextualize this statement, investors who invest a minimum of $1,000-dollars in Master Limited Partnership companies can, potentially, earn as much as $150,000 over the course of 20 years.

As far as government requirements are concerned, MLP companies are required to pay out 90% of their earnings to investors, and for the investor, these freedom checks are taxed as on capital, not return. What does mean, exactly? Basically, it means that, unlike dividends, investors do not have to pay income tax on freedom checks.

Matt Badiali, Founder of Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter published by Bayan Hill Publishing, supports freedom checks, admitting to personally using them to finance oil and natural gas explorations. In fact, Badiali describes MLPs and Statue 26-F as being a benefit to all participants, investors and corporations alike. Read this article at Money Morning.

Badiali attended Penn State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological and Earth Sciences, before going on to attend Florida Atlantic University, where he rounded out his education with a Masters degree in Geology and Earth Sciences. However, despite is education Matt Badiali soon recognized is true calling was investments, namely in natural resources.

Before fully entering the investment world, Matt Badiali worked as a professor at the University of Carolina, where he taught geology. And while working as a professor, he entered into a business relationship with a financial expert who sought his expertise in geology. In the end, the agreement profoundly changed Badiali’s professional life.

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GoBuyside Uses Innovation to find Innovative

Sifting through piles of resumes and cover letters to screen candidates for potential job positions in the financial sector was challenged in 2011 by Arjun Kapur. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Stanford University. Following graduation from Stanford University, Kapur worked in the financial services industry. He observed the ongoing result of the shortcomings from traditional hiring practices. For example, the time required to review resumes, cover letters, conduct interviews and file administrative decisions. This may take a investment manager away from the important business matters of a given day. He thus, founded what has come to be known as GoBuyside, which initially served the financial sector by using technology circumventing traditional hiring strategies. These include internet job boards, candidate tracking and artificial intelligence. Of note, artificial intelligence and candidate tracking are felt to help implement the screening process to determine a candidate’s suitability for a particular position with an employer. Some degree of transparency not available in resumes and cover letters is more available in Kapur’s business model not only for the personnel office but also for the job candidate seeking a given position. Kapur attributes the success of GoBuyside to the aspect of transparency. Read this article at Accesswire.

GoBuyside is involved with investment companies and private equity firms across north America and internationally. Since its founding, it has served over 10,000 firms in its relative short history.

Arjun Kapur is said to have used a client-centered approach in building the service model of GoBuyside. Rather than perform a function for the client only, the company identifies the specific goals the client has in mind, partners with that client around those goals and seeks to establish criteria for meeting those goals. Along with transparency, Kapur believes this too has helped GoBuyside establish itself in the financial sector.

Learn: http://inspirery.com/gobuyside-founder-arjun-kapur/

Artificial Intelligence, candidate tracking, internet job boards, transparency, client-centered service are hallmarks of GoBuyside and its track record. So too, the internet has evolved substantially in its nearly 30-year history. Kapur sees innovation in software aimed to improve recruiting as well as artificial intelligence as of significant benefit to employers and employees in the long-run. It can help assemble the information in such a manner so to give a more complete picture of an individual candidate portfolio: interests, strengths, skills, temperament and perhaps bio-rhythms. Overall, this may help ensure a suitable match between job candidate and employer. Though in its infancy in many respects, the future seems ripe with promise for a company like GoBuyside. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.