Susan McGalla Shares Secrets of Success

The current Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t just get the position overnight. And the prestigious role wasn’t served to her on a silver platter either. Rather, Susan McGalla has established a track record for herself in the world of business, and she continues to jump hurdles and climb to new heights.

Susan McGalla was educated at Mount Union College in Ohio before starting her first major job. Beginning her career at Joseph Horne Company, Susan worked there from 1986 to 1994 learning about retail before joining American Eagle Outfitters. After years of working hard and making herself stand out it the world of retail and marketing, she was promoted to serving as the president and CMO for the company’s flagship American Eagle brand. Not long afterwards Susan McGalla was again recognized for her fortitude in business and became the Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer for the entire company. Aside from having a very successful career at American Eagle, she has worked for the clothing company Wet Seal. Additionally, she has a wealth of experience in private consulting and has been sought out for her expertise in financial investments.

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Susan McGalla has become a pillar of success for many women working in business. She wants to empower women and help them rise up in the ranks of their careers as well. Delivering lectures at various functions, Susan McGalla shares her secrets of success and emphasizes the important of putting one’s traits to use.  These traits include the following: having passion, ability to network, exuding confidence, ability to be versatile. Even though all of these qualities have played a role at some point, she stresses that willingness to work hard is of upmost importance.

Those who want to read more about Susan McGalla’s career path and discover her tips for success. As the new Steelers Director of Strategic Planning she continues to use her strengths to enhance the organization. Many in Pittsburgh are excited about what she brings to the table are glad she has joined their team.

The NutriMost diet, so successful that competitors steal it!

NutriMost claims to be the “ultimate fat loss system”, and when followed as intended, people can lose 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days. NutriMost created a promotional video to advertise the success people have had with the diet. They claim that another company called Healthy Living stole their video and even played it on their website. This has lead to a lawsuit against Healthy Living. NutriMost sent a cease and desist letter to Healthy Living, requesting the use of the video stop. Healthy Living reacted by editing the video but have now removed the video from the website. NutriMost is now suing for $300,000 in damaged caused by this theft. What is so special about this diet that another would steal its advertising?

It leads to overall health improvements! Many people have found conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic pain to improve, if not disappear. This is not a diet based on powdered drinks or boxed food. This is a diet that teaches you healthy eating based on your body type. There is no one type fits all as we are all different.

The NutriMost diet takes the time to address all the issues that can make it difficult to lose weight, such as harmful toxins and foods to help balance your hormones to the levels they should be. This diet is taking the world by storm due to the incredible results. For most people, this will be the last diet they try.


Ensure Healthy Smiles and Happy Dispositions: Choose From 4 Beneful Dog Food Varieties

Because dogs are important, Beneful dog food products remain popular with animal lovers everywhere. Always in the lead in supplying a variety of tasty meals, this food is nutritious and wholesome. Check out these four choices that make healthy mealtimes easy:

1. Beneful Prepared Meals

Ready to eat varieties of Beneful dog foods are available in resealable packaging that also serves as the dog’s bowl. Freshness is always a plus which has enabled their innovative packaging skills to win the Pack Expo Selects Award. The advanced packaging for varieties of chunky chicken, beef, pork and lamb adds increased shelf stability and durability to withstand higher temperatures. See,

A snap-on lid locks out air to preserve nutrition; additionally, this feature keeps the leftover food fresh in the refrigerator. Serve the appropriate recommended portions to maintain high energy levels and a shiny coat.

2. Beneful Healthy Smile

These peanut-butter flavored twists help to reduce plaque and tartar buildup on a dog’s teeth. The addition of real parsley works as a breath refresher. Since natural parsley is a whole food that is high in vitamin C, it is also heart healthy and an anti-carcinogen. It slows the growth of cancer cells, boosts immunity and aids in sturdy bone formation. Chewy twists are available to ensure the happiness and vitality of any dog.

3. Beneful Originals

This variety has been a favorite of dog owners for a long time. Real salmon offers dogs an excellent meal in the form of moist, chewy morsels. The whole grains and additional bits of sweet potatoes, carrots and even green beans make this an omega-rich treat for even the finicky canine.

4. Beneful Playful Life

The real beef and egg make this version a protein-rich delicacy for Fido. Adequate protein is crucial for building strong muscles that every dog needs to participate in active recreation.

Beneful dog food research and preparation has taken all the guesswork out of the nutritional and taste-tempting requirements for pets. Additionally, it’s available in differing textures to keep dogs healthy and satisfied.

Just visit for the list of all their products. They also have a YouTube channel,

Fabletics and Cool, Cozy Activewear

Popular Hollywood actress Kate Hudson chatted with Marie Claire magazine to promote her exciting activewear brand, Fabletics. She serves as the brand’s co-founder and has since its beginnings in 2013. The brand has just put together a collection of “athleisure” dresses that are exactly what they sound like. They’re dresses that are created for active women who prioritize comfort but who also want to look good. Hudson notes that women can wear these dresses whenever they see fit whether for a date, a meal with pals or for hanging out on the weekend. Athleisure dresses are suitable for people who move a lot.

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Hudson also discussed Fabletics’ new swimsuits. These swimwear offerings are optimal for people who are passionate about active and energetic lifestyles. They’re centered around performance. Hudson noted that the concept behind the Fabletics brand is to provide people with durable and reliable apparel that still manages to be attractive. She said that the goal of Fabletics is to encourage people to maintain health and physical fitness in their lives.

Fabletics’ other founders are Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They work alongside Hudson to oversee Fabletics’ many products. The brand is a noted Internet subscription retail option that’s highly convenient for shoppers who like customized recommendations. If a shopper is interested in recommendations for clothing that can accommodate her specific lifestyle, style and size requirements, the Fabletics approach could work extremely well for her. Individualized attire is a focal point for the team members behind the brand. People can depend on Fabletics to receive solid tips regarding attire and accessories that may be able to improve their busy, energetic and lively daily existences.

The brand offers a large selection of clothing for women. It also, however, has some fantastic options for men. Fabletics introduced FL2 in June of 2015. They did so with the assistance of Oliver Hudson, an actor who also happens to be the co-founder’s sibling. This collection is ideal for men who are searching for comfortable activewear that also happens to have a stylish edge.

This brand’s clothing and accessories can be purchased on the Internet via the official Fabletics website. It also, however, can be bought through a number of physical locations in the United States. Fabletics’ physical shops first appeared in the fall of 2015. There are several of them in cities such as Woodland Hills, California and St. Louis, Missouri. Forbes magazine said in the winter of 2016 that there are plenty more Fabletics physical stores in the works. There are upward of 100 Fabletics stores that are going to begin operations in the time frame of between three and five years. Shopping for stylish activewear will soon be easier than ever.

Securus Technologies Unveils Latest Investigative Product Upgrade for THREADS

Securus Technologies has unveiled new “Big Data” operating software called THREADS 3.1. This software is touted as the most advanced, fully integrated analytical tool in the corrections market. According to excerpts from PR Newswire, the newly redesigned cornerstone investigative product features an advanced user interface that can operate on the latest internet based platforms without compromising the software’s traditional core functions. The General Manager of Business Management for Securus, Kelly Solid pointed in an interview that unnecessary actions have been removed in the new look software to enhance navigation, searches and record loading in order to improve user experience.
In spite of its numerous advantages, the new product requires a little training due to its sophisticated and resourceful investigative functions. One of the prominently featured upgrade is the replacement of Silverlight software with HTML5. The upgrade will ensure seamless integration between the various products released by Securus Technologies. THREADS 3.1 will also allow users to listen to SCP calls and undertake customize mapping and printing, real-time guided analysis and context sensitive reporting. Even before the latest upgrades, THREADS had for a long, been the investigative solutions gold standard for detecting and reporting suspicious calling patterns. The new software will be offered free to existing THREAD customers.

About Securus Technologies
Securus Technologies is a leader in the provision of civil and criminal justice technological solutions that target corrections and public safety. The Dallas, TX based firm serves over 3,400 public safety corrections and law enforcement agencies across North America with its portfolio of over 800 products. Since its establishment in 1986, the company has registered steady growth in all areas. According to Securus Technologies website, the company currently runs the largest working team in the industry, constituting about 1,300 associates nationwide. Watch this video on Youtube.

One of the company’s most popular products is the At-Home Video visitation service. According to Crunchbase, the program is designed to make it easy for users to communicate with their incarcerated family members and friends through a secure and efficient line of communication from anywhere. Users simply need to have a computer, internet connection and webcam. Due to its convenience, At-Home Video Visitation can drastically reduce the need for inmate families and friends to travel to the prison or jail.
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Coworking Space Brings Back The Creativity Of The Italian Renaissance


600 years ago, the grand glory years of Italy’s Renaissance were in full bloom. There were many incredible strides in architecture, art, and engineering during the time period. The look of a classic 15th-century “bottega” (workshop) reveals just how innovative things were during the era.

The Harvard Business Review turns back time to give the reader an insight into what these workshops were like. In these hallowed spaces, artists were taught the skills of their trade. Many brilliant artists cultivated their talent in such places.

All manner of artists were welcome to hone their skills inside of these workshops. Painters, sculptors, and more were welcome. They studied under the tutelage of a wise master. The master was wise in the sense he did not impose any hard rules of sense of style on the students.

Within the loose confines of the workshop, three basic approaches to the learning process were employed. The learning endeavor mixed turning ideas into action, fostering dialogue, and facilitating the convergence of art and science. Clearly, the goal here was not to force the artists to create material without thought or aspiration. Doing so would not really lead to the creation of art.

The fusion between art and science was common in these learning circles. Interestingly, this commonly occurs today in many industries. The tech world, in particular, is home to many science-oriented artists. There are art-oriented scientists as well. Regardless of who is working and learning in a particular environment, the way the rules and culture of the environment factor into its productivity.

Workville of New York City ( draws upon some of those classic concept from the “old days”. Workville is in the business of facilitating co-working space/shared office space in the busiest city in the world. Create wonderful work environments with this outstanding service and tap into the brilliance of those who inhabit the space. Workville just might be the way to bring back the Italian Renaissance and situate the era in the heart of NYC.

Solo Capital Is So Much More Than The Name

Solo Capital Holdings is the company Sanjay Shah started out of the ashes of his career on Wall Street. His company now owns the trading brands Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK, which operate in the markets of London. Since starting the holding company, he has bought and founded other companies in such diverse locations as Malta, Dubai, London, Luxembourg, the Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands.

It has only taken 8 years for Shah to amass a fortune estimated to be worth approx. $280 million. He even got back into investment banking with his purchase of Old Park Lane Capital. Shah now lives the life of a philanthropic retiree with his family in Dubai. Shah worked his way to the top, intensely producing for the major finance house Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. Then, in 2007 when the corruption scandals broke and Wall Street spiraled into The Street, Sanjay Shah was downsized with thousands of others.

He did not stop his ambitions, but he did get into action. He founded Solo Capital Holdings in 2007 out of his original company: Aesa S.a.r.l. It was a risky move, but one that obviously has paid off quite fully. Shah started a new philanthropic venture a while back. While he was entertaining Snoop Dogg with his family in their home in Dubai, he mentioned that his youngest son is autistic.

Shah took the idea to heart and launched the charity: Autism Rocks. So far the charity has raised over $15 million that has gone to the Autism Research Trust, a Cambridge University study program. Some of the superstars, besides Snoop Dogg, that have performed at these very private benefit shows include Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè, and the late Prince.


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