Blades And Boards With Wengie


At the bottom of each stapler, there is a metal plate. You can reverse this plate by taking it off and putting it back in place in the opposite direction. When you staple something, it will turn the edge out instead of in like a normal staple. This process is called pinning. When you’re pinning something together, it’s easier to remove with a pair of scissors.


Sometimes, the edge of an exact knife might become dull. The plastic bit on the back of the knife comes off. It can be used as a snapper for the blade instead of using the ridges that are already on the knife that are supposed to give you more of the knife to use that is a bit sharper. All you have to do is insert the piece of plastic into a blade and snap it off. Don’t pull the entire blade out of the knife. Grab it by the blunt side to throw it away.


The flippable legs on the back of a keyboard are there for people who need to look at the keys while they type. It’s not really for the ergonomics of positioning the wrists so that they are in a better position while typing. Flipping the keyboard up so that it’s raised gives you more visibility, especially for the numbers and symbols on the top line of the keyboard. If you know your way around the keyboard, then you can leave the legs flat as this is the most ergonomic way of typing.