Eli Gershkovitch Leading Producer of Craft Beer in Canada

Canadians love their beer, and it is most famous alcoholic drink in the country. Among the many types of beet, Craft beer is mainly known to hold a special place in the heart of most adult Canadians. In the past, craft breweries meant small breweries, but today most of them sell millions worth of beer every year. People can choose from a wide range of craft beers in the country. Some of the most famous ones include Red Racer Pale Ale, Glutenberg Belgian Double, Weissbier, Lug Tread, Pilsner, Flagship IPA and more. If you want to taste the best craft beer in Canada, you should visit Steam Works Brew Pub run by Eli Gershkovitch that offers a wide range of crafted beet to suit all tastes and preferences. Read this article at westender.com.

Eli Gershkovitch is among the top craft brewers in Canada. He was a successful attorney and had a great practice. It was during one of his trip to Europe in 1987 that he tasted craft beer and became highly interested in it. He traveled to many breweries and sampled the different beverages that they had to offer. Eli Gershkovitch enjoyed the taste of freshly brewed beer and selling it directly to the customers rather than putting them into bottles for mass selling.

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Eli Gershkovitch quit his law practice and opened Steamworks Brew Pub that is quite different from other breweries one can find in Canada. He has a steam-powered system to prepare the beer that gives it a unique flavor and taste. With its popularity increasing, the small pub with space for 184 people soon grew to accommodate 570 people at any time. He also acquired one of the favorite nearby eateries and named it Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar.

Eli Gershkovitch not only runs a successful beer empire but also sponsors many events across Canada to make more people aware of the best ways to brew beer. Today, he also has a large brewing facility that produces a significant amount of beer that he serves to its pub guests and other pubs across the country and overseas. Eli Gershkovitch independently runs his beer empire as he loves his freedom and the ability to make advancement when he wants without having to depend on stakeholders or board members to decide for him. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Affiliate Dork.