Thor Halvorssen is the World’s Most “Woke” Person

Thor Halvorssen believes that governments owe everyone equal treatment. Well, I’m sure he believe in equality across the board, but changing social norms are not a part of the Human Rights Foundation’s agenda. The New York City-based group focuses more on governmental action.

Being openly gay, Thor devotes a good amount of time criticizing and attacking the leaders of Uganda. The country passed legislation that makes it illegal to be gay. In fact, the law is so severe that the punitive punishment for this “crime” is death. Of course, Thor believes the government of Uganda must treat every one of its citizens equally despite their sexual orientations click here.

The dictator of Venezuela is openly anti-semitic. ThorĀ Halvorssen directs his Human Rights Foundation’s energy as attacking the leadership there, as well. Venezuela has a “socialist government” that Thor despises. But he doesn’t despise the government because they are a socialist government. Rather, he targets the country because it has a unilateral dictator. Governmental power is not split up into different branches. Instead, all decisions are made by one man without counsel. This provides the ingredients for explosive human rights violations.

Thor is such an advocate for political prisoners that he took a Nobel peace prize for the imprisoned Liu Xiaobo. Contact him, Thor fights for the political prisoner because the man was imprisoned for his speech. Free speech is a tenant of a vibrant democracy. Thor and his Human Rights Foundation fights for free speech around the world.

Speech is suppressed in North Korea. That’s why The Human Rights Foundation traveled the southern border of the country. Thor directed them to float industrial grade balloons over the demilitarized zone into the People’s Democratic Republic. The balloons carried information that exposed the abuses of the North Korean government. That information was designed to enlighten the citizen so that they could make informed decisions.

Thor Halvorssen is 40 years old, and he knows how to use social media. He takes his fight to the people by penning open letters that go viral. With a “woke” generation educated on human rights violations, the Human Rights Foundation has a bright future.