John Goullet; an individual determined to succeed in the IT staffing industry.

In this digital age, companies have adopted and embraced technology in everything they do. It has reached a point where applying for a job position is being done online. Technology has come to help to ease all the stress big companies used to have such as congestion among others. Diversant LLC is one company that took advantage of the innovation of technology and through this came out as one of the largest IT staffing firms in the US. The success of the firm is partially attributed to John Goullet’s leadership skills.

John Goullet was an alumnus of Ursinus College located in Pennsylvania where he graduated with both Bachelors and Masters Degree in computer science. His career journey began with him being an accountant consultant before switching to IT staffing. In 1994, Mr. Goullet decided to open his own firm called info technologies.

With the knowledge he gained over the years on corporate climate and IT staffing needs, he was able to make the business a successful venture. In less than five years, the firm had already formulated a portfolio of nearly thirty million dollars. He continued to be the CEO of Info Technologies till 2010 when he decided to merge with Gene Waddy to form DIVERSANT LLC.


Some of the key products offered by the firm include innovative diversity solutions, IT staffing augmentation, and direct hire. It is focused and dedicated to ensuring it provides diversity in the supply chain with the aim of providing innovative solutions to all their clients. Gradually, the firm has specialized in providing IT talents to other firms on permanent, contingent and contract basis. The company has the required experience in the field of IT staffing, and this is why it easy for them to determine an applicant’s level of expertise which becomes easy when assigning them their various duties depending on the client’s needs. Through this, the company is sure that the clients and workers needs are met and satisfied.

Since 2010, he has been the principal of the firm and with the help of his passion and expertise; DIVERSANT LLC has been able to develop superior solutions for the IT market which is ever changing. He values the power of teamwork as it helps in producing synergy for developing innovative solutions.