Handling Complaints Professionally



White Shark Media is a company that listens to the businesses that use the services that are provided. It wants to make sure that all of the complaints that businesses and other customers have are addressed in a timely manner and that they never happen again.


One of the things that customers are concerned about is that they lose touch with the AdWords campaigns that have been created. This is important to the company as it’s the basis of what the company stands for when dealing with businesses. Customers are given an explanation that is thorough when they sign up with the company and create an account. They are also given all of the details needed to maintain a campaign and how they can get access to a campaign that is lost.


Some customers don’t think that the communication is as good as it could be with the representatives. In order to handle this, we have scheduled monthly status calls so that customers have someone to talk to at all times. There are now phone systems that have direct extensions to supervisors and supervisors who are assigned to campaigns. This is to help make sure that everyone who has a campaign isn’t calling without knowing who to speak with and has a better idea of one person who is handling all of the information about the campaign.


There is an option of keeping an old design with campaigns that are created or using the new designs that are set up by White Shark Media. The company has offered this service for those who find that the older system works better than the newer ones that are in place and feel more comfortable with the older methods of getting campaigns up and running. New campaigns are started from scratch as much as possible so that clients are satisfied with the look and interaction.