Tidal Under Desiree Perez – A Rise Back to Glory

A fierce negotiator and number-savvy business woman, Desiree Perez is best described as a boss. Herself a big media personality, she works with celebrities to keep their stars shinning in many diverse fronts. For years now she has been rapper Jay Z’s close business aid. And, having successfully managed Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports, she now also holds the future of music streaming service Tidal in her hands.


The future for Tidal is already looking up thanks to the smart changes effected by Desiree Perez. Here is a glimpse at what Tidal looks like now as well as its future prospects under Des Perez.  Have a peek on this site


Coming In From the Cold

Tidal has been facing tough times in the past both financially and popularity-wise. In fact, the rumors that it was running low on cash were so rife that other music streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music were proposing to acquire it. However, things have been looking up for the service since Desiree Perez took charge, and it is quickly regaining its popularity.

Today Tidal is looking and feeling very different from several months ago, and its audience loves it.

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A Whole New Music Experience

Tidal has in the past taken pride in its robust catalogue of music of virtually all genres. Today, however, its interface looks much more different as it has shifted its focus to the now. The music streaming service is currently categorized in three sections: Tidal Discovery   (covering new releases), Tidal Rising (covering emerging artists,) and Tidal X (covering live performances).  Source:  templeofthecave.com


The new Tidal interface is not only more appealing but also cost effective compared to the former. On one hand, it is effective in eliciting people’s curiosity as it guarantees only the best of the latest music. On the other hand, the plan is less costly as a bulk of the previous catalogue largely went unnoticed.


These new moves, coupled with Desiree Perez’s deal-making prowess, are expected to take Tidal back to its past glory. At the moment, Desiree Perez is working behind the scenes to bring more artists on board. She has also been reportedly reaching out to potential partners such as Samsung.

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