Flavio Maluf of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is the grandson of one of the first major Eucalyptus tree producers in all of South America: Salim Maluf. In 1951 Salim bought the “Sawmill Americano” in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and by 1965 started producing up to 100 tons per day of Eucalyptus wood for export to Europe, South America, and North America. Though sustainability was not initially at the forefront of business endeavors back then, today it is the company’s pride and joy: their piece de resistance… their family jewel. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

And a family business it is, indeed. Flavio, his uncle, his father, and his grandfather have worked for Eucatex. Flavio Maluf himself could easily have skated across life without having to pay for a thing, but instead wanted to create a name for himself and eventually become the face of the company by being the CEO and president (since 2005). In 2001, the company became the first wood supplier at Home Depot to sell certified organic products and focus on eco-friendliness / sustainability. They sell a variety of Eucalyptus products including acoustic board, insulation, MDF board, flooring, paints, and varnishes that contain Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is prized throughout the world for its medicinal qualities and not just for their sustainability in wood harvesting. Eucalyptus oil is used in medicine for calming nerve pain, lessening diabetes by raising blood pressure, and more.

Eucatex has gone above and beyond being merely an eco-friendly company: They also have given back to their country by providing jobs and working with the government of Brazil to locate their operations in parts of the country which are in the most need of jobs. By doing so, they are in turn provided with tax breaks and incentives which justify the means for doing so. Eucatex continually strives to product quality products and jobs for the world, having now expanded into Mexico, the U.S., and the Netherlands.

Learn more: http://www.barbacenaonline.com.br/noticia/saude/flavio-maluf-e-o-novo-diretor-da-santa-casa-de-barbacena


The Life and Career of Avi Weisfogel

When asked about his most favorite software, Avi Weisfogel noted the role that LinkedIn has played to transform him into the man he is today. Other than marketing his forums, Avi says that he has used LinkedIn as a networking tool where he gets to meet new people and interact with them. When asked about his favorite book and one that he would recommend to his customers, he recommended a book called The Power of Now and notes the role that this book can play in helping us figure out why certain things happen. It’s also a good book to include the lives of normal people.


Steve Jobs is one entrepreneur who influenced Avi Weisfogel. From his many skills, the skills that he admired Steve Jobs for is attention to detail and ingenuity. To keep in touch with his clients and customers, Avi Weisfogel maintains profiles in other social media platforms other than LinkedIn such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A business idea that he is willing to give away is a dental mirror that has a windshield wiper. Avi says that this kind of a mirror will ensure that dentists conduct a whole procedure without stopping to wipe the mirror. Becoming a dentist is one of his greatest failures in life. He says that he should have established a sleep lab sooner than he did. However, he says it’s never too late to achieve what one wants in life. When asked to name the strategy that has made his business grow, Avi Weisfogel names regional marketing. He attributes this strategy to making it very easy to find a client. Also, it makes it easy for the customer or the client to find you.


Asked what he would do if given a chance to start all over again, Avi says that he would be more humble than he is today. He says having the same conversations over and over with different people makes him very productive. Avi Weisfogel is famous for Dental Sleep Masters that is found in New Jersey. He is also the founder of Healthy Heart Sleep and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient.