Dealing With Your Period With Wengie


The period is something that girls have to face at some point. That doesn’t mean that the time of the month has to be unbearable. Wengie offers a few hacks to take away the pain of cramps and to make accidents a bit more manageable.


A warm heat pack can help to soothe cramps. If you don’t have a heat pack, you can make one by wrapping a plastic bag of rice in a cloth that can be microwaved. Sew the cloth so that the plastic doesn’t come out of the bag that you make. Place the pack on the stomach after it’s warmed. The foods that you eat can affect your period. Vegetables can often help with PMS, and calcium can help with the cramps that you have. Dark chocolate helps to deal with cravings.


Some stains are unavoidable. Never wash your clothes in warm water as the stains won’t go away. Cold water with peroxide is best to get rid of the stains. Sometimes, you just won’t be able to get rid of the stains, which is why you should have period underwear. Dark colors, like black, are good for hiding stains if you want to wear the underwear after your time of the month. Avoid caffeine during your period. It can cause painful contractions in the first place, which doesn’t help when you;re on your period. Green tea helps to get rid of the cramps that you have or at least make them manageable through the day.