Jose Auriemo Neto, the Father of All Creation at JHSF

Physical developments have always fascinated civilizations. Since time immemorial, there has always been a rush for societies to construct structures of epic proportions. The Pyramids of Egypt are a testament that humanity is ever on the move trying to come up with better and efficient ways of constructing structures of a large magnitude. Brazil too has been no exception. Thanks to a company like JHSF, influential members of society have had an opportunity to occupy some of the magnificent buildings in the country. JHSF as a real estate construction company has diversified into the erection of commercial and residential spaces, putting much emphasis on glamour. Today, the corporation is renowned for being the best when it comes to setting up of malls, hotels, airports, apartments, and office blocks.

Under the guidance and leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF has not only been successful but has also scooped several awards in regular competitions. Some of the remarkable accords that JHSF has under its belt include the Outstanding in Other Formats award and the PINI Award. The company has since expanded its operations to the United States of America, gaining the respect of other corporations in the real estate sector. Jose, as its leader, has ensured that the company only uses sustainable materials during construction. In so doing, he has helped the world fight global warming thus fostering sustainability and Jose’s lacrosse camp.

Since Jose Auriemo Neto joined his father’s company in 2009, he has been a source of good tidings to the institution. He has helped JHSF grow and diversify into retail trading. Through Auriemo, JHSF has been able to forge lasting partnerships with high profile individuals like Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Valentino, and Pucci. As of now, JHSF is worth more than $1 billion in assets. The long time husband of Mariana has been doing all in his power to help build and maintain his family’s legacy. Jose Auriemo Neto has been taking each day as an opportunity to learn new things hence his success. Although Jose is barely ten years old at JHSF, he is doing much better than his predecessors. A bright future lies ahead for both Auriemo and JHSF and read full article.

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How Jose AuriemoNeto Grew JHSF into a Billion-Dollar Real Estate Giant

Brazil has over the last few decades experienced exponential growth. This growth has enable the emergence of a number of multibillion dollar companies. One such company is JHSF. Currently valued at slightly above $3 billion, the company is among the few real estate giants in the South American country.

JHSF has been able to reach the heights it has through a number of risky, daring business strategies. The company has initiated many firsts in the Brazilian real estate industry. At a point where the residential and commercial development scene in the country was becoming stagnant and stale, JHSF was the first the first to introduce the concept of green housing through the Vitra residential complex. Six years later, many still look upon Vitra as one of the most environmentally friendly, yet aesthetic, buildings in the country. Additionally, JHSF was the first real estate company to venture into the hotel business. Now with eight hotels under the Fasano Hotels and restaurants umbrella, this move has proved to be highly successful as it has cushioned the company during times of difficulty in the real estate sector. The company has also continued with its diversification strategy in recent years by getting into retail agreements with luxury brands. These agreements have particularly fit well into JHSF’s business since the company owns and manages a number of shopping complexes in Brazil. Setting up flagship stores for these luxury brands has, therefore, not been a hassle and read full article.

The leader to whom JHSF’s success is attributed is Jose AuriemoNeto. His titles at the company are Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman. Most of the company’s diversification efforts have occurred with this man at the helm. He is currently overseeing arguably the biggest first championed by JHSF in the Brazilian real estate space, an airport. This business airport is located in Sao Paulo and once completed will provide executive services to those businessmen traveling to the city and its environments and learn more about JHSF.

Jose AuriemoNeto has been part of the leadership collective, Young Presidents’ Organization, Inc., for close to 18 years now. Additionally, he is a graduate of Sao Paulo’s Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado University.

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José Henrique Borghi Finds Success in Marketing

When people think of marketing in Brazil they have to think of marketing in a very over-the-top way. Brazil is a lively area without a colorful landscape. People like José Henrique Borghi that have mastered marketing in Brazil with the Mullen Lowe advertising agency are aware that it takes some explosive marketing ideas to really make consumers pay attention. He has been able to run a huge business like Mullen Lowe, and he has done this by staying close to his workplace.

Jose has managed to become an expert in the field of marketing because he knows how to manage his time. He is always thinking one step ahead of the competition when it comes to building better marketing campaign. Mullen Lowe has a global perspective.

José Henrique Borghi has been able to establish relationships with plethora of clients, and many of these companies have roots in the United States. Companies like BET, Google, Netflix, Hyatt, PBS, Century 21 and Bose have all depended on marketing campaigns from Mullen Lowe. This has become it one of the most successful marketing companies on a global scale.

José Henrique Borghi is someone that can be linked to the success of this type of franchise. There have been a ton of roles that Jose Henrique Borghi has taken on so he knows about a ton of different aspects of business world. He has worked as a copywriter and a creative director. He has also worked as an editor and he has really been able change the way that people look at certain companies. Jose Henrique Borghi received many marketing accolades.

He has been a Golden Award of Montreux winner. He also also won the Wave Festival, London International and Cannes Lions awards for various advertising campaigns that he has created.

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A Brief Bio of Securus Technologies

I wanted to pass along some information I recently discovered about a company based out of Dallas called Securus Technologies. They specialize in providing the most advanced security technology to correctional facilities and law enforcement entities across the U.S., Mexico and Canada – over 3,600 to be more exact.


Among its many technology offerings, the company is the leader in locating contraband phones – phones that are given to inmates illegally and used for unlawful purposes. Securus Technologies also offers a state of the art monitoring system that can listen in on calls both made by inmates and by employees. This technology can be used for purposes like monitoring unlawful activity happening within prison walls such as drug rings or gangs as well as monitoring an inmates connections to the outside world and any unlawful intentions that inmate may be partaking in. The company also has a huge range of other offerings include emergency response management.


Another article I found posted on PR Newswire recapped a few comments from letters and testimonials provided by actual Securus Technologies. The comments showcased how incredibly important and ultimately necessary having this type of technology is to the success of keeping our correctional facilities safe from potentially dangerous intrusions that can come from mobile phones.


The article which can be found here, held comments that spoke to the power of the technology in enabling law enforcement to take proactively monitor, locate and remove contraband devices within their walls. Outside of protecting from contraband phones, I also reach an interesting comment on how the monitoring system helped a correctional facility locate and arrest an employee that was working on behalf of the inmates in a corrupt manner.


It can’t be overstated how important the technology that Securus Technologies is providing is to our modern digital world.


Matthew Autterson Makes Investing Easier

The investment managers like Matthew Autterson have become quite popular for people that want to build solid portfolio. Matthew Autterson is one of those investment planners that can help people see a better future for their portfolio. Many people that see hot stocks and make a decision to invest may be looking at what is happening for the short-term.. What Matthew Autterson has done is help people devise a better plan where they will be able to maximize their rates of return for many years to come.

Matthew has experience in building a better financial business plan, and he has been able to keep people abreast of the trends in the market and the things that are going to affect their portfolio the most. This is very helpful for anyone that may be trying to save for retirement or a college fund for their children. Finding something good to invest in can be a tedious experience. The investment managers are going to save people a lot of time. There is no need to scroll the Internet and look for any type of stock options. Investors can help people build a better plan that cuts down on the amount of time they have to spend searching for things to invest in.

Autterson has proven that he has become a person that is able to build a solid career as an investment manager. He has been able to find the investments that are worth holding on to for a long period of time. The lack of financial planning that people do is an indication that there is a need for more investment managers. It takes more people like these investment managers to help clients see the way to a better financial future. Investors need this type of guidance in the financial world.


How Logan Stout Moved From Being A Star Athlete And Launched IdLife Line Of Healthcare Products

Logan Stout has always been a star in his life. He has always made sure that he leaves an impact in all the areas he set his foot on, which explains why he is successful. In his early years, Logan Stout enjoyed playing baseball and sports. He was determined to look for winning strategies in all sectors; from the classroom to the field.

Logan Stout graduated from the Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas where he spent his early years. While at school, Logan was a star student and he served on the student athletic council. Besides being a star student, Logan also won the MVP title during his senior and junior basketball seasons. While he attended Pearce High School, Logan was basketball and baseball player.

Logan Stout has always maintained the zeal to succeed in everything he does. After his graduation, Logan went on to become a professional baseball athlete. He achieved massive success on the field where he holds 17 World Series events of coaching and playing. Logan Stout enjoys a solid academic background where he earned a business degree from Panola and a degree in psychology from the University of Dallas. In his college years, Logan Stout won various prestigious awards in the College Baseball. Logan has served as a coach at Dallas Baptist University where he also served as a youth minister. Logan played baseball with the Fort Worth Cats when he graduated from college.

Besides being a star in class and the field, Mr. Stout is also a successful entrepreneur. He has spent many years of selfless service of coaching, ministering and training, where he has been helping individuals to attain their best through physical health. Mr. Stout believes that it is critical to focus on the health of the body, mind, and soul. The belief led to Mr. Stout developing a line of healthcare products called ID Life in 2014.

About IDLife
IDLife is a multilevel company that seeks to revolutionize the health industry. The company provides a unique approach to optimizing individuals’ health, by providing personalized nutrition supplements that are tailored to meet individuals personal health needs. IDLife delivers their products to the clients’ doorstep in easy to use packages. The custom supplements are sorted into AM/PM packets.

Life Line Screening is a Key Provider of Diagnostic Services

Life Line Screening originated in 1993. The privately owned health and wellness company is currently based in Austin, Texas. Life Line Screening offers health screening services to individual health care consumers. By 1998 they had expanded their services throughout the United States. In 2007 the company became a health screening provider in Australia and England. In 2007 the company expanded their services to include blood testing for inflammation, excessive lipids,and high blood sugar.

Life Line Screening conducts over a million health screening tests every year. Each year Life Line Screening provides affordable community-based screening events. Some of the many diseases discovered in the screening process include diabetes, aortic aneurysm, and atrial fibrillation. Board-certified physicians review the screening tests to provide the highest quality of diagnostic health care. In the United States Life Line Screening is the largest provider of community based health care screening clinics. The screening equipment is the same quality equipment as used by major hospitals. The affordable community-based events impact the lives of many people, providing them with information to improve their health. The screening service has partnered with several insurance companies, to promote their community-based clinics. Numerous employers incorporate Life Line Screening in their health care plans. Employers know the early health screening saves millions on the cost of health care.

Life Line Screening serves an important purpose for many by helping people manage their health care. Life Line Screening can detect serious medical conditions, long before symptoms are present. Over the last year, the service found serious medical conditions in over 64,000 people. Their medical issues were discovered before they displayed any apparent symptoms. In contrast, physicians and traditional medical clinics can only request diagnostic testing when symptoms are present. The preventative screenings give consumers the option to get treatment at an earlier stage of the disease process. Typically, when a serious disease such as diabetes or heart disease is caught early, it is much easier to manage the illness.

Pittsburgh Executive Susan McGalla on the Glass Ceiling

Despite the fact that women hold a very small percentage of C-level positions in top companies, some women in business continue to strive for an end to the “glass ceiling.” Susan McGalla’s career is a case study in how to go about this. The Pittsburgh business icon was raised by a football coach dad who was also rearing her two brothers, McGalla started her career at American Eagle Outfitter, quickly rising through the ranks at the apparel company to become Chief Merchandising Officer. She later started up her own consulting company and is now a strategic planner for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, and earned an undergraduate degree in Business from Mount Union College. Her husband, Stephen McGalla, is a wealth manager. She attributes her success in business to being comfortable with both men and women in the workplace. According to McGalla, when she first started at American Eagle, there were no women in top leadership positions within the corporate structure. She believes she had a positive effect on the company’s culture and ushered in a new tide of opportunity for women at the company.

In her consulting business, she draws on her wealth of experience in the retail world to help give financiers real-world context to their decision-making. For McGalla, the key to her success has been not to go out and consciously try to break the glass ceiling, but rather to work hard and believe in her skills and professional acumen.

The Investment Might of James Dondero

In the world of business, very few words hold the significance of the word investing. Due to recent economic downturns, investing has captured the interest of millions of people. However, one should focus on the downsides of investing more seriously. Furthermore, investing has existed for as long as human beings started to walk upright. Therefore, it remains ingrained in humankind’s DNA. With that being said, James Dondero remains a natural born investor. Since an early age, James Dondero knew that investing was something that he wanted to do. Not only did investing become a passion, it also became a profession.

As a resident of Dallas, Texas, James Dondero remains the president of Highland Capital Management. As a result, his duties consist of managing the company’s investment strategies and overseeing its operations in retail products. In addition, James Dondero possesses a significant amount of expertise regarding the credit Market. In fact, his extensive work history dates back over three decades. Moreover, his accomplishments include being an originator of the Collateralized Loan Obligation. In addition, James Dondero remains critically acclaimed throughout the industry. This remains attributed to his vision and personal insight. To expound further, James Dondero has received several awards and accolades during his lengthy and successful career.

In particular, James Dondero remains Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation recipient in 2014. Prior to working for Highland, Mr. Dondero became the Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. In a matter of 5 years, James Dondero transformed the business into a multi-billion dollar company. Moreover, James Dondero remains responsible for $1 billion dollars in fixed-income funds for American Express. In addition, James Dondero has years of educational experience. To expound further, James Dondero stands as a proud graduate of the University of Virginia. While there, he earned a degree in finance. Moreover, Mr. Dondero remains a Certified Management Accountant. As a result, he obtained the privilege to use the charter financial analysis designation. Given his prosperous career, it remains obvious why his influence in the industry remains unwavering. In closing, Jame Dondero remains an inspiration to his peers and colleagues. Social Media Website :

Your Home Will Stay Cool If You Listen To Goettl

To keep your home cool, especially out in the western part of the nation can take a lot of steps to make sure your air conditioning units are running at the best level. Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the most experienced companies when it comes to picking air conditioning units that run at the safest environmental levels and use the least amount of power. Sometimes air conditioners need to be upgraded in order to get the best use, but Goettl does have tips that can save you the costs of buying new units if they’re followed.

One tip Goettl says is of utmost importance is putting insulation that can seal off the outdoor heat and prevent it from absorbing through the ceiling. In addition, having the right size film over the window panes can also keep rooms from overheating from sunshine. The sun is one of the biggest factors to a constantly running air conditioner, so you should make sure your outdoor units and indoor thermostat are placed away from it. Most importantly, you need to make sure your air conditioners are receiving the proper maintenance checks and replacements to keep them running at the most efficient setting.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in the HVAC repair business since the 1930s when the Goettl brothers started it in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. The company has had several businesses buy it out over the years, but Ken Goodrich can be credited for returning it to being locally-owned in Arizona and merging into the Las Vegas Markets. Goodrich has made the company about supporting technician programs in these areas, including donating funds and tools to a veterans program at a community college. They also have gone out of their way a few times to help people who couldn’t pay to fix their HVAC systems and fixed them free of charge.