How Capital Anesthesiology Association is Revolutionizing the Industry

When it comes to providing high-quality anesthesiology serves, there is one place that stands out from the rest. Capitol Anesthesiology Association is it’s name and providing the ultimate in anesthesia care is it’s game. Since 1973, CAA has been serving the Austin, Texas region of the U.S. This is by far one of the largest independent practices of doctors and nurses whom specializes in anesthesia. It’s also one of the nation’s leading independent practices with up to 80 physicians and 130 certified registered nurses. Capitol Anesthesiology Association is at the pinnacle of the industry thanks to it’s high-quality services, strong ethics, broad coverage area, and high amount of medical personnel.

Every single clinical staff member is either board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified. There are too many other institutions that can say this about their staff, but CAA lives up to it’s very own hype. The organization even covers up to 20 medical facilities such as Dell Children’s Medical Center, CAREOS, Strictly Pediatrics, Texas Surgery Center, Texas Orthopedics, Seton Hayes, Seton Medical Center, Brackenridge Hospital, and many more. Types of services? CAA covers the full gambit of anesthesia services such as pediatric, obstetric, cardiothoracic, general, and regional.

The organization’s administrative staff is on point as well as it matches the high output of the clinical staff. This highly trained team handles the billing process as well as provide support when dealing with insurance carriers. All in all, Capital Anesthesiology Association is a pioneer and it’s resume is a true testament to all claims.

Audi Cassio And The Brazilian Economy

Brazil is living one of its biggest economic crisis in the nation’s history, something that began short after the soccer world cup Was headquartered in the country. Living with the constant fear of increasing inflation and of losing commercial deals with other nations, this directly affects their Investment management philosophies.


Now, more than ever, the country is valuing exportation of national products, which includes coffee grains, Iron ore and steel, petroleum, Soy and derived products, among others that are core to their traditional exportation menus. The Brazilian Economy is in recession, which means that the investment in importation is at an all-time low. They experienced one of the strongest currency devaluation since they went from colony to independent country.


The Brazilian community is also having to change their way of investing and living. As the years have progressed, Brazil is overcoming the harsh crisis, but the community got smarter. By investing in savings accounts, guarantee funds and properties, the people are now ensuring that they would be able to survive another downgrade, especially since the availability of employment fell downhills in that period. This kind of investment was not as popular before the world cup.


A very famous and accomplished investment manager in Brazil is the Financial Manager Cassio Audi. Having worked for more than five enterprises in the country, he is an ever-growing businessman that has a lot to teach on how to survive and even profit from such a crisis. Audi possesses leadership and analyzing skills that have brought their clients to earn more profit.


Audi Cassio has more than 23 years of experience with finances and investment decisions. He is a planner and an analyzer that has created strategies for many companies to gain profit from their market. Among his best positions, he was Finance Director at P&G, Chief Financial Officer at Rossi Residential, where he later became CEO in 2013. He then became Managing Director for GVMI, an investment company.

Anthony Petrello: Staying Busy With Many Different Positions

Anthony G. Petrello, who is also known as Tony Petrello, has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of a company known as Nabors since 2011. Nabors is a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco, located in Canada. Since 1992, Mr. Petrello has held the title of President of Nabors. Since 1991, Mr. Nabors held the position of the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors. Before this, he practiced at a law firm that is known as Baker and McKenzie. Here, he was the Managing Partner of the firms New York City location.

In addition to being the Chief Executive Officer as well as the President of Nabors, Mr. Petrello has also been Nabor’s Chairman of the Board since 2012. Before starting as the Chairman of the Board, from 2003 to 2012, Mr. Tony Petrello was the Deputy Chairman of Nabors. In addition to his many positions here, since 2011 Mr. Petrello has also been one of the Directors of a company known as Steward and Stevenson. He has held this position since 2011. He has been one of Nabor’s Directors since he started here back in 1991.

If Mr. Petrello isn’t busy enough, he also stays busy with some other things, as well. Mr. Petrello serves as one of the Directors for the Texas Children’s Hospital and he has also served as one of the directors for a company known as Mr. Petrello received his J.D. Law Degree from Harvard Law School. He also holds a B.S. as well as an M.S. in Mathematics and he received both of these degrees from Yale University.

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Bruno Fagali: How To Select A Competent Attorney

Are you an entrepreneur, corporate personnel or organization manager? Do you want to have one of the best lawyers by your side, to advise and guide you? Bruno Fagali has the expertise and experience to help you.

When it comes to choosing a proficient lawyer, you need to look for someone with the expertise and dedication to render the top quality legal solution you’re seeking. With so many lawyer promising to deliver outstanding services to clients, it is imperative to do some research before deciding on which one to pick.

Many people have no idea how to go about getting the right lawyer for their case. There are many different types of lawyers out there but be sure to research before making a decision. Choose a lawyer that has an established history of delivery satisfactory services to clients.

Bruno Fagali has a proven track record in the legal community and is the right lawyer for anyone who desires the best guidance or representation. Bruno Fagali takes care of legal situations for clients from a wide variety of industries. Bruno Fagali focuses on administrative and regulatory law issues, as well as urban law.

Bruno Fagali has years of experience, and many companies and professionals rely on him for excellent services. Bruno Fagali is the type of lawyer you can depend on to resolve complicated and simple cases, and help protect your rights. Bruno Fagali has one of the most reliable law firms in Brazil.

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Fabletics Redefines The Online Fashion Story

recent online brand called Fabletics is creating waves in workout fashion industry for women, with some innovating tactics and excellent products. It is considered that a new fashion brand would face too much difficulty in getting the customers, satisfying, and finally retaining them. Due to the number of fashion brands available online and offline, it is not possible for brands to retain customers. Even highly established online stores like Amazon is struggling to please the customers in the fashion segment. But, Fabletics has done it effortlessly, and it is increasing its sales day by day. See what helped the firm to capture the business in a short span of time.


Fabletics started its operations in 2013, and it was announced as the fashion brand from Kate Hudson. The executives of the brand decided to go for quality without compromise. People who use Fabletics products always appreciate the quality of each of the outfit. It fits flawlessly to the body by expanding and contracting according to body type. Soft tops and thick leggings do not fade and last for long without losing its shape. It gives a great fashion sense with simple bottoms, tanks, and solid colors. With bold patterns and sheer cutouts, the outfits are trendy and attractive. The brand sometimes surprises people with unexpected designs. When it comes to value, all the products in Fabletics are sold at around 30 to 40 percent lower than similar quality products available elsewhere. These facts making Fabletics, a perfect workout fashion destination for women.


The fashion retailer implemented a new sales strategy called reverse showrooming. It is found that many fashion enthusiasts are not happy with online store experience as they can’t physically check the product before purchasing, though it is mostly sold at a better price. With reverse showrooming, Fabletics opened retail stores in all the major cities to give an option for customers to experience the product. This means that customers can check the product at the nearest Fabletics store and purchase it online. It is also helping the firm to get the local preference data of the particular locality and this, in turn, helping the brand to introduce preferential products at the store. The brand uses various data including the list of trending products and prioritizes it in the physical stores. People who wanted more diverse products can browse the online store and get it.


Finally, the brand introduced an engaging subscription program called VIP membership. It charges $49.95 per month as the subscription fees and gives free goodies and products for the price charged. People also get an option to purchase the products at a discounted rate if they are VIP members. The fashion brand is effectively using the subscription plan to offer customized products to the customers. As soon as a new customer registers with the membership plan, she has to fill a questionnaire related to her fashion choices. This helps the retailer to understand her preferences and provide customized products. It means that no customer has to search for her fashion products; instead, she gets it from Fabletics.


Altogether, the brand is targeting the complete satisfaction of the customers with the options. Its increasing business and customers are confirming that it is on the right track.

Chris Burch on How Technology and Fashion Go Hand in Hand

Chris Burch is one of the top entrepreneurs that the country has seen. He has not only formed many companies but has managed to sell them for profits before moving on to start a new venture. In the recent years, he has shown interest in the fashion industry and is trying to put his knowledge of the tech industry into the fashion industry. He has founded more than 15 businesses in the technology industry that has contributed immensely towards the country’s economy. He has also made huge donations from his earnings on social causes.



Before started working in the fashion industry, Chris found out the interesting link between fashion and technology. Most people believe that there is no relationship between the two. In reality, the two industries can significantly benefit from each other. Over the years, the two industries have grown at the same pace and have helped each other in many different ways. While technology can be seen to evolved, it is a fact that it has become more fashionable than ever before. The interesting thing is that they have managed to grow together without any issue and have helped each other along the way. Chris wants people to be aware of this to get an insight into how this friendship will play out in the future.



Chris Burch is one of the top fashion expert and an investor in the United States. He is the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital and Tory Burch LLC. Burch Creative Capital is based out of New York City and makes valuable investments in fashion and lifestyle products. He passed from Ithaca College and joined the fashion industry right after. He started his clothing company and gained valuable experience in selling fashion to others. He then used this knowledge to venture into different investment opportunities, but fashion industry was his former love, and his significant investments were in this industry alone. He currently has a net worth of $1 billion, and all of his new business ventures continues to grow.



Even though Chris Burch is one of the top self-made billionaires today, it is due to his hard work that he has reached this position. He was one of the ten children of his middle-class parents, but that never slowed him down and became the most successful entrepreneur that the country has ever seen and who encourages other entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.


Exclusive Fast Company Interview Reveals EOS’ Business Strategy

In this exclusive interview with Fast Company, Evolution of Smooth (or EOS as they are more commonly known) reveals previously unknown information about their business strategy and techniques to the public for the first time.

The founders of EOS ( have kept quiet before now about the methods they used to become one of the best-selling lip balm brands. In fact, as co-founder and managing partner Sanjiv Mehra explains, “Not necessarily building up information about it was something quite deliberate on our part.”

But as the company grows, it also wants to let its consumers get to know it better.

EOS has only been on the market for less than a decade, but in that short amount of time, they have climbed to the top of the industry, outsold only by Burt’s Bees. Currently the company moves one million units per week, reveals Amazon and future growth is predicated.

How did they become so successful in such a short amount of time though?

Their strategy involves multiple approaches. First, they selected a target demographic – in this case, millennial women ( Secondly, the founders knew they needed to bring something new to the century-old industry to succeed.

Why are these factors important? Well, women happen to be the people who buy and use the most lip balm, but the industry as a whole takes a more unisex approach toward marketing and branding their product. EOS lip balm sought to take advantage of this gap.

Lip balm also markets and brands itself in essentially the same way that it always has. The tubes that brands like Chapstick use are typical of the industry as a whole. This presented an opportunity to shake up an otherwise stale industry for EOS.

And now their design is practically iconic.

To learn more about EOS’ success story, read the full interview here.


Dealing With Your Period With Wengie


The period is something that girls have to face at some point. That doesn’t mean that the time of the month has to be unbearable. Wengie offers a few hacks to take away the pain of cramps and to make accidents a bit more manageable.


A warm heat pack can help to soothe cramps. If you don’t have a heat pack, you can make one by wrapping a plastic bag of rice in a cloth that can be microwaved. Sew the cloth so that the plastic doesn’t come out of the bag that you make. Place the pack on the stomach after it’s warmed. The foods that you eat can affect your period. Vegetables can often help with PMS, and calcium can help with the cramps that you have. Dark chocolate helps to deal with cravings.


Some stains are unavoidable. Never wash your clothes in warm water as the stains won’t go away. Cold water with peroxide is best to get rid of the stains. Sometimes, you just won’t be able to get rid of the stains, which is why you should have period underwear. Dark colors, like black, are good for hiding stains if you want to wear the underwear after your time of the month. Avoid caffeine during your period. It can cause painful contractions in the first place, which doesn’t help when you;re on your period. Green tea helps to get rid of the cramps that you have or at least make them manageable through the day.

Thor Halvorssen is the World’s Most “Woke” Person

Thor Halvorssen believes that governments owe everyone equal treatment. Well, I’m sure he believe in equality across the board, but changing social norms are not a part of the Human Rights Foundation’s agenda. The New York City-based group focuses more on governmental action.

Being openly gay, Thor devotes a good amount of time criticizing and attacking the leaders of Uganda. The country passed legislation that makes it illegal to be gay. In fact, the law is so severe that the punitive punishment for this “crime” is death. Of course, Thor believes the government of Uganda must treat every one of its citizens equally despite their sexual orientations click here.

The dictator of Venezuela is openly anti-semitic. Thor Halvorssen directs his Human Rights Foundation’s energy as attacking the leadership there, as well. Venezuela has a “socialist government” that Thor despises. But he doesn’t despise the government because they are a socialist government. Rather, he targets the country because it has a unilateral dictator. Governmental power is not split up into different branches. Instead, all decisions are made by one man without counsel. This provides the ingredients for explosive human rights violations.

Thor is such an advocate for political prisoners that he took a Nobel peace prize for the imprisoned Liu Xiaobo. Contact him, Thor fights for the political prisoner because the man was imprisoned for his speech. Free speech is a tenant of a vibrant democracy. Thor and his Human Rights Foundation fights for free speech around the world.

Speech is suppressed in North Korea. That’s why The Human Rights Foundation traveled the southern border of the country. Thor directed them to float industrial grade balloons over the demilitarized zone into the People’s Democratic Republic. The balloons carried information that exposed the abuses of the North Korean government. That information was designed to enlighten the citizen so that they could make informed decisions.

Thor Halvorssen is 40 years old, and he knows how to use social media. He takes his fight to the people by penning open letters that go viral. With a “woke” generation educated on human rights violations, the Human Rights Foundation has a bright future.

Tidal Under Desiree Perez – A Rise Back to Glory

A fierce negotiator and number-savvy business woman, Desiree Perez is best described as a boss. Herself a big media personality, she works with celebrities to keep their stars shinning in many diverse fronts. For years now she has been rapper Jay Z’s close business aid. And, having successfully managed Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports, she now also holds the future of music streaming service Tidal in her hands.


The future for Tidal is already looking up thanks to the smart changes effected by Desiree Perez. Here is a glimpse at what Tidal looks like now as well as its future prospects under Des Perez.  Have a peek on this site


Coming In From the Cold

Tidal has been facing tough times in the past both financially and popularity-wise. In fact, the rumors that it was running low on cash were so rife that other music streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music were proposing to acquire it. However, things have been looking up for the service since Desiree Perez took charge, and it is quickly regaining its popularity.

Today Tidal is looking and feeling very different from several months ago, and its audience loves it.

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A Whole New Music Experience

Tidal has in the past taken pride in its robust catalogue of music of virtually all genres. Today, however, its interface looks much more different as it has shifted its focus to the now. The music streaming service is currently categorized in three sections: Tidal Discovery   (covering new releases), Tidal Rising (covering emerging artists,) and Tidal X (covering live performances).  Source:


The new Tidal interface is not only more appealing but also cost effective compared to the former. On one hand, it is effective in eliciting people’s curiosity as it guarantees only the best of the latest music. On the other hand, the plan is less costly as a bulk of the previous catalogue largely went unnoticed.


These new moves, coupled with Desiree Perez’s deal-making prowess, are expected to take Tidal back to its past glory. At the moment, Desiree Perez is working behind the scenes to bring more artists on board. She has also been reportedly reaching out to potential partners such as Samsung.